PostgreSQL Playbook for Developer DBAs

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PostgreSQL Playbook for Developer DBAs

PostgreSQL Playbook for Developer DBAs
PostgreSQL Playbook for Developer DBAs


PostgreSQL Playbook for Developer DBAs
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If you«re a Database Administrator looking to with dispatch update your skillset, this course is for you. Each module stands alone and teaches realistic tasks you»ll need to do on the job, such as optimizing computer equipment, benchmarking your server, and more.

Developers often become heir to the job of Database Administrator as their companies originate, and the database needs someone to look after it. As a new DBA, you need to with dispatch forgive how to closed your server, optimize display, and your details. The modules of this course, , back alone and do not be lacking you to go in order; each one will coach you how to do a different sort of test of strength in PostgreSQL that you«ll need to know as a DBA. You»ll wrap tasks in areas such as computer equipment and pledge, approval up and restoring your details, as well as fixing unprogressive queries by adding indexes, and more. Lastly, you«ll learn about three hosted solutions for database control. By the end of this course, you will have gained several skills that you»ll be able to use to act inferior tasks on the job as a DBA.

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