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Flocculent, quacky, rough, slippy, wobbly...this group of bass lines are all that and more.

The accumulation features 112 individualistic bass lines played across three basses and seven tempos.

These are provided in native (vanilla) DI quality, amped (essentially) and reamped through
(mostly) analogue pedals. The up for styles are non-certain, though there are some plain candidates –
funk, R&B, jazz, 60s dumbfound n spin furl, etc. The lines have all been edited to wind cliplessly.

The three basses used are listed below. The Epiphone Ripper was used twice with the «pick»
lines utilising the neck pickup, which has a more Fender Unerringness vein, and this was played
with a slender palm mum at the cross over to get a curtail ratify, clunky plunge (a intimate ideal).

The «jazz» lines refer to the cross over pickup habitat, which is closer to the ageless Fender Jazz
bass plunge, and this was played get cracking accuse look over the pickup for a more «poppy» jump.

The Marlin Slammer was the first bass I ever had (my 15th birthday largesse) and it has lived
on as a fretless after I pulled the frets out and filled them in (like Jaco Pastorius, though there
the statuette ends!) — it's not the classiest of instruments, but it works and plays quite well.

The 1977 Stingray is a ageless 2nd year of have a good time pattern that is in any way the heaviest bass
guitar I have ever played – it is probably trustworthy for my wonky shoulders! Good-Looking to have a good time though.

The basses were recorded through the Little Labs Redeye DI into the ISA828 preamp, and then through the
Orion32 into the digital kingdom. The effective amping was respect of Amplitube 3, relying heavily on the
Acoustic 360 and Ampeg B15 models. A lay a hand of UAD LA2A is used pre-Amplitube and the UAD Fatso Sr
follows for compression and usual «inflation». Sometimes an EQ was used (UAD Neve 1081) to cut retreat from
2nd harmonic resonance that can unduly «honk» a bass vein.

The reamping was through the Little Labs Redeye and into a combination of pedals below – these were switched
in/out and tweaked per bass/tempo set.

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