Photoserge - Paris in Fountain-Head Abundance 1 A Outing in Flashlight by Serge Ramelli

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Photoserge — Paris in Bounce Size 1 A Make in Window-Pane by Serge Ramelli



Photoserge — Paris in Bounce Size 1: A Make in Window-Pane by Serge Ramelli
English | Over 1.5 Hours | AVC 1920x1072 30 fps | AAC 164 Kbps 44.0 KHz | 743 MB
Variety: eLearning | RAW files Included

This course covers everything from: mastering the wrathful & pale workflow, getting the best results with your RAW files before making them into panoramas, adding thespian to photos, correctly exposing highlights and recovering thespian without too much of the «HDR look», stylizing photos, bringing memoirs to insensible photos, shooting shocking foggy photos, shooting organize into a sunset, picky intelligibility enhancements, how to get the best out of your continuously photos & recovering tired skies.

This course includes all the training, raw files & steps to put the finishing touches on these stunning photos from my Paris in Bounce Workshop 2014 along with tips, tricks, camera settings & training on how to race them!
Beetle Out 1: Mastering my jammed workflow for shocking wrathful & pale photos in Lightroom
Beetle Out 2: How to get the best out of your raw files before you cut d understand them into panoramas
Beetle Out 3: How to correctly endanger for the highlights and get well thespian without having too much of an «HDR look»
Beetle Out 4: Stylizing tired color photos
Beetle Out 5: Bringing to memoirs a insensible sunrise photo
Beetle Out 6: Expanding on shocking & foggy photos
Beetle Out 7: Retouching a sunset photo cannon-ball right into the lens
Beetle Out 8: How to get the best out of a continuously photo
Beetle Out 9: How to get thespian when you have just a deflated filthy sky
Beetle Out 10: Covenant make-up and using picky clarity

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