O'Reilly - An Overview of Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services

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In this Overview of Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services training course, wizard designer Steve Suehring will inculcate you about the services in AWS, what they are used for, and when to use them. This course is designed for the pure beginner, signification no ex contact with Amazon Web Services is required.

You will start with an overview of ascertain services, then escalation into culture about storage in AWS, including unembellished storage with S3, contentedness presentation with CloudFront, and archival details services with Glacier. From there, Steve will inculcate you about databases in AWS, conduct-joint services, and certainty. This video tutorial also covers networking, developer tools, and attention layer services. When All Is Said, you will learn about flexible-joint services, analytics in AWS, and courage use cases with AWS.

Once you have completed this computer based training course, you will have gained a convincing notion of the key AWS services, what they are used for, and when you should use them.

01. Introduction
0101 Introduction
0102 What Is AWS?
0103 About The Author
0104 How Does AWS Measure Against To Other Cloud Environments?
0105 Notion The AWS Architecture
0106 Getting Started With AWS
0107 Interacting With AWS — Cheer Up, API, CLI
0108 What You Should Surmise From The Video

02. Ascertain Services Overview
0201 EC2: Understood Servers
0202 EC2 Container Service
0203 Accommodating Beanstalk
0204 Lambda

03. Storage In AWS
0301 Unembellished Storage With S3
0302 Contentedness Presentation With Cloudfront
0303 Archival Details Services With Glacier

04. Databases In AWS
0401 Historic Databases With RDS
0402 Nosql With DynamoDB
0403 Details Warehouses In AWS With Redshift
0404 Details Caching With ElastiCache

05. Conduct-Joint Services
0501 Monitoring With CloudWatch
0502 Automation With CloudFormation And OpsWorks
0503 Logging With CloudTrail
0504 Configuration Conduct And Standardization

06. Certainty In AWS
0601 IAM
0602 Directory Services
0603 Web Attention-Layer Firewalls

07. Networking
0701 VPC Overview
0702 DNS With Road 53
0703 Connecting As The Crow Flies To AWS
08. Developer Tools
0801 Deployments With CodeDeploy
0802 Unceasing Presentation With CodePipeline
0803 SCM With CodeCommit

09. Attention Layer Services
0901 Crocodile Conduct With SQS
0902 Streaming With AppStream
0903 API Conduct With API Gateway
0904 Sending E- With SES
0905 Managed Search With CloudSearch
0906 Workflow Conduct With Unembellished Workflow Service
0907 Realtime Media Transcoding

10. Flexible-Joint Services
1001 Overtax Notifications With SNS
1002 Testing Flexible Applicatons With Inclination Farm
1003 Managing Accord With Cognito
1004 Testing And Analyzing With Flexible Analytics
1005 Edifice Apps With Flexible Hub

11. Analytics In AWS
1101 Intrinsic-Prematurely Streaming Details Conduct With Kinesis
1102 Orchestrations With Details Pipeline
1103 Appliance Culture In AWS
1104 Hadoop With Accommodating MapReduce
1105 Elasticsearch Clustering

12. Courage Use Cases With AWS
1201 Understood Desktops With WorkSpaces
1202 Courage E- And Calendaring With WorkMail
1203 Dossier Storage And Sharing With WorkDocs
1204 Heart-Rending An Attention To AWS
1205 Migrating Databases To AWS
1206 Heart-Rending Understood Servers To AWS

13. Conclusion
1301 Conclusion

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