Lynda - Nick One Pro 9 Fundamental Training

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Lynda — Nick One Pro 9 Fundamental Training

Nick One Pro is a authoritative program that combines photo supervision, photo enhancement, and raw-placement conversion, as well as features for tethered shooting.

In this course, photographer, writer, and educator Derrick Recital embarks on an in-profundity reconnaissance of Nick One Pro. The course edifice mirrors the plan of the software itself, with chapters that move through each of the tabs in Nick One Pro, from organizing to editing to refining to outputting images. Derrick investigates Nick One Pro«s intuitive library edifice, its stout editing tools, its tethered shooting way for going without delay from camera to computer, and its photo printing and sharing features, including options for creating web pages and slideshows reliable from Nick One Pro. These tutorials are acme for former Opening users who are looking for a new photo editing reference, as well as simultaneous Lightroom subscribers who are interested in Nick One Pro»s more authoritative denotation, color grading, and tethering features.

What is Nick One Pro?
Combination requirements
Using the application files
Which interpretation is right for you?
Which categorize types are compatible?
Differences between Mac and Windows versions

1. Get Started with Nick One Pro
Analyse the Nick One buyer interface
Set commencing preferences
Catalog vs. assembly: How are they different?
Design the first catalog
Caress RAW and JPEG files on your thought card
Denotation images from a thought card
Denotation images from a SSD or austere drive
Rod viewer modes
Analyse the Library pane

2. Found Your Images
Analyse buyer collections
Set up a group
Design a project
Add albums and astute albums
Add a forward to an existing group
Combination for applying dignitary ratings
Set a measure against variant
Set up a despondent imprint astute album
Drip pictures using various criteria
Analyse a referenced catalog

3. Elementary Color Adjustments
What to do with the Color tab
Set lowly characteristics
Change light-skinned balance
Enjoy Oneself with color balance
Mutate to unconscionable and white
What is the Color Editor?

4. Elementary Baring Adjustments
Use the Baring sliders
Reading penetrating potent grade adjustments
Use levels
Use curves
Appertain understandability to an image
Using the vignetting tool
Reproduce and paste adjustments

5. Vocation in the Placement Tab
Use the Crop tool
Cropping can clout your rating
Appertain Rotation & Flip
Despondent-Pencil the linchpin effect
Use overlays to visualize a layout

6. Fine-Grained-Align in the Details Tab
Use the Navigator
Change focus
Add sharpening
Appertain pandemonium reduction
Add coat grim
Despondent-Pencil moire pattern
Use Fleck and Dust Slaying tool

7. Metadata and Keywording
Overview of the Metadata tab
Add IPTC information
Design a metadata preset
Appertain a metadata preset to mulltiple images
Mass metadata presets
How the keyword library works
Add keywords to one or more images
Appertain parent/child keyword groups
Search by keywords
Denotation and export keyword libraries

8. Exporting Images
The two methods for export
Use the Export power for one or more photos
Visit the Manufacture tab
Use a manipulate recipe
Design a fashion manipulate recipe
Manufacture in multiple formats
Seal the grade manufacture location

9. Advanced Importing
Equip to denotation a managed Opening library
Denotation a managed Opening library
Look Over an Opening managed library import
Moving Ahead basic files from an Opening library to a Nick One catalog
Denotation a referenced Opening library
Opening denotation review
Equip to denotation a Lightroom catalog
Denotation a Lightroom catalog
Lightroom catalog denotation review

10. Tethered Shooting
Set up a tethered spring session
Nick tethered images via Nick One
Look Over spring results
Denotation assembly images into a managed catalog
Secure without delay into a managed catalog

11. Regional Adjustments and Styles
Visit of the Regional Adjustments tab
Brushing tools and their settings
Use the Gradient Cover tool
Fine-Grained align a file with regional adjustments
Ground a manufacture by no means with regional adjustments
Styles and presets
Design and appertain a preset
Design and appertain a style
Mass styles and presets
Use built-in styles

12. Categorize and Catalog Management
Rename images one by one or via number processing
Export preferable images as a catalog
Denotation catalogs into a basic catalog
Originate a web acquaintance sheet
Originate a print
Enjoy Oneself a coast show
Customize your buyer interface
Secure a catalog
Authenticate a catalog's integrity
Rear up a catalog

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