Hoefler Frere-Jones | Gotham Intact Font Superfamily 86×OTF $1850

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This gushing contains 6 families: Gotham, Gotham Pro, Gotham Narrowed, Gotham Uncommonly Narrowed, Gotham Condensed and Gotham Rounded.

You might wonder why I included both Gotham & Gotham Pro, the fill is that the «Pro» version's name is misleading: it actually contains less glyphs per font, less diacritics, and less styles than the consummate version.

The only point why it is called Pro is because it contains Cyrillics, so unless you need Cyrillics, you are better off with the consummate version.

Hoefler Frere-Jones | Gotham Intact Font Superfamily 86×OTF $1850
Gotham. What letters look like.

Every schemer has admired the no-mumbo-jumbo lettering of the American patois, those letters of maquillage, coat, neon, trifocals and dirk that pattern so prominently in the urban scene. From these self-effacing beginnings comes Gotham, a despotic-working typeface for the ages.

Gotham celebrates the attracting and unassuming lettering of the municipality. New York is teeming with such letters, handmade sans serifs that ration a community underlying configuration, an engineer’s concept of “basic lettering” that transcends both the characteristics of their materials and the mannerisms of their makers. These are the seek reject bronze numbers that betray patronage doorways their establishment, and the markings on cornerstones whose disinterested and invariable splendour defies the legitimatization of outdated. They’re the episode-of-reality neon signs that emblazon alcohol stores and pharmacies, and the names of proprietors plainly painted on liberation trucks. These letters are straightforward and non-negotiable, yet demented of outstanding make-up, and often expertly made. And although designers have lived with them for more than half a century, they remarkably went unrevived until 2000, when we introduced Gotham.

Gotham is that rarest of designs, the new typeface that feels somehow free. From the lettering that inspired it, Gotham inherited an straightforward colouring that’s affirmative but never effective, clubby but never folksy, self-assured but never unsympathetic. The counting of so many primary ingredients without verifiable exemplar — a lowercase, italics, a complete cook-stove of weights and widths, and a kind set that transcends the Latin alphabet — enhances these forms’ plainspokenness with a welcome cosmopolitanism, and brings a unshaded cook-stove of provocative voices to the Gotham kindred.

Now in Four Widths

Designers asked if Gotham could take on new typographic roles, and we listened. Gotham Narrowed reimagines Gotham as a set out-proficient abstract phizog, with both hands tied behind one's back succeeding in the confines of the narrowed abstract column without looking squeezed. With the contour of a outstanding headline series, Gotham Uncommonly Narrowed is a hard-headed determination for sizes both pre-eminently a free and miserly, with an wide-ranging kind set that recommends it to data-tight environments. The newly-expanded Gotham Condensed features nine weights from Scant to Ultra, including a sum up of features off-the-wall in condensed fonts, starting with complementary italics in every weight.

Hoefler Frere-Jones | Gotham Intact Font Superfamily 86×OTF $1850

Serious. Sometimes.

Gotham Rounded is a polytechnic strictly that goes from clubby to treble-tech to disrespectful with ease.

Our Gotham typeface, inspired by signs on buildings, celebrates the workmanlike “draftsman’s alphabet” at a vast ranking. Similarly stark, but at a more affectionate weight, is the lettering of engineering: the marks on fastidiousness instruments, blueprints, stencils and templates. Haggard, stamped, engraved and routed, these forms are sensitively captured by our new Gotham Rounded kindred, available in eight styles including italics.

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