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TrueFire Jazzed AccumulationTrueFire Jazzed AccumulationTrueFire Jazzed AccumulationTrueFire Jazzed AccumulationTrueFire Jazzed Accumulation
TrueFire Jazzed AccumulationTrueFire Jazzed AccumulationTrueFire Jazzed AccumulationTrueFire Jazzed Accumulation
Chord Studies Jazz Standards Vol. 1 - Brad Carlton
Chord_Melody_Cafe — As Far As Someone Is Concerned 1 - Record Stefani
Chord_Melody_Cafe — As Far As Someone Is Concerned 2 - Record Stefani
Essentials_Bebop_Etudes — Shirley Bailey
Jazzed Blues — Record Stefani
Truefire Essentials Chord Sweetness Etudes — Candid Vignola
By: Various Authors

TrueFire presents Shirely Bailey — Essentials: Bebop Etudes

Hi, I«m Sheryl Bailey and welcome to Essentials: Bebop Etudes. In constructing this whip-round of etudes, I»ve shared some of my favorite harmonic, regular, and melodic techniques. My hopes for you are that as you have a adroit together through these you'll arrive at comprehension into ways you can use these concepts to blossom not only your improvisations, but your ears and your arrangement of the bebop language.

After each conduct, I«ll demote it down for you and untangle justify the key concepts and techniques. All of the etudes are tabbed and notated, with the jam tracks included as well so you can art your own improvisations. Prone to dig in? Collar your guitar, and let»s get started!

Runtime: 2hours 39minutes

About Candid Vignola's Essentials: Chord Sweetness Etudes
Candid is one of the most adept, multi-dimensional players walking the planet today. Ogre especially bettor, composer and improviser, Candid plays proficiently in every brand, from jazz to bluegrass, ...

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Apr 29th, 2015
Chord sweetness is not only a requisite knack for jazz guitarists, it’s also some of the most gratifying and enjoyable music that you can gauge all by yourself with your favorite compact. Pleasing full-bodied head start of the polyphonic qualities of guitar by playing both beat and sweetness simultaneously, and keeping it all in the scratch, is certainly challenging but the culture curve flattens dramatically once you blossom the foundational skills.

Candid Vignola’s Essentials: Chord Sweetness Etudes will get you up and constant fast, with a series of etudes designed to confide the quintessential knack set. “In this version of Essentials: Chord Sweetness Etudes, my end is to pay you a organizing to body on with eight chord sweetness etudes covering a arrange of keys and approaches.

I’ll manifest and demote down each etude three ways; first we’ll toil through the etude very solely so you can get a sensitivity on the chords and sweetness. Then I’ll remodel the etude rhythmically to jazz it up a bit. At Length, I’ll respond the etude as I would respond it myself on grade using improvisation, regular variant, a with of the blues, chromaticism, neighboring tones and other tools of the jazz guitar trade.”

Candid cuts right to the woo in the version of Essentials: Chord Sweetness Etudes. No prolix exercises or apartment theory to expend energy through — you’ll have a adroit together your way through eight chord sweetness etudes, all of which involve conduct demonstrations and blow-by-blow remind-by-remind breakdowns supplemented with tab, symbolism and Guitar Pro files.

Here’s Frank’s About this gushing:s of the 8 Conduct Studies:

Tranquility: “This etude is in the key of C and concentrates on the I chord, the ii chord and the V chord. 99% of jazz standards have the I — ii — V -I ascension and this is why this is a quintessential chord sweetness etude. We also attention on the use of anticipations in degree to let the etude pattern in full-bodied operation a bit.”
Autumn's Last Leaf: “This etude and is based on the first 8 measures of the quintessential jazz example, Autumn Leaves. It has ii-V-I to notable then to child. We’ll attention on cleanliness of fathom, adroit resonance and solitary notes. Beat variant, chromatics and neighboring tones are also discussed and demonstrated in this etude.”
I've Got A Connexion: “This chord ascension is a very clich connexion department of many jazz standards including the undying I Got Beat. In the key of Bb, the connexion starts on D7 and goes around the recur of 4ths (D7, G7, C7, F7) for two bars each. Chord genre soloing is also discussed and demonstrated using neighboring tones with chords.”
Satin Denial: “Loosely based on the chords to Satin Doll, we’ll perform the suspended chord resolving to the Prevailing 7th chord. This serves the deliberation of playing a ii — V7. I’ll manifest how to use this suspended ascension all over the fingerboard. I’ll also about and manifest arpeggiating chords as well as neighboring tones and bass pedal tones.”
Trenchant Nine: “Here we have a 1-6-2-5 ascension in the key of G. It’s a clich ascension and we’ll attention on the #9 fathom and turnarounds. The key examination and exhibition is the consequence of bringing out the sweetness in chord sweetness playing — the sweetness should be louder than the parallelism. Also discussed is staccato and the consequence of ‘silence’ and lapse in music.”
A Look At Child: “This is an 8-bound ascension in the key of D child (Dm and A7, the V chord). We’ll look at the apartment 9 and how to fabricate diminished runs over the prevailing fathom in a child key. We about and manifest staccato and anticipations to gauge sure you learnt these valuable concepts. You can with on these techniques to all of the songs you have a adroit together. We’ll also go over how the Blues Pentatonic fathom works so well over Child chords and keys.”
Iroquois: “This etude is based on the A department chord ascension to Cherokee, which is one of the most approved standards played today. It’s in the key of Bb. The ascension is 1 — 1(7) — 4 — 4(child) — 1 — 6 — 2 — 5 — 1. You’ll start to appreciate how many of these clich progressions are used in so many jazz standards. Chromatics are discussed and how to pin chords using Chromatics. Anticipations are included again.”
Chromatic Blues: “Here we have a 12 bar blues ascension in the key of c. The sweetness is based on the chromatic register and how to use the chromatic register to remind through the different chords of the blues. We will use all the techniques that we’ve gone over and involve them in this frigid bluesy etude.”
All in all, Candid Vignola’s Essentials: Chord Sweetness Etudes is your quickest, most pleasing way to get in the devices of jazz guitar chord sweetness. Click it to jazz up your chord sweetness now!

About the Series
Designed for intermediary and advanced students, TrueFire’s Essentials courses perform Conduct Studies focused on the ‘essential’ harmonic and industrial characteristics of a particular genre of playing. Educators first respond the about for exhibition purposes and then demote it all down department-by-department, proficiency-by-proficiency. Conduct Studies involve tab, symbolism and vocation beat tracks when applicable.

Runtime: 2Hours 12Minutes

About Brad Carlton's Chord Studies: Jazz Standards Vol. 1
Theory and parallelism instructionals filled with chord construction strategies and applications
About Brad Carlton
February 5th, 1970. That was the day I began my lifelong livelihood of guitar training. Since then, I’ve discovered my passion truly lies in inspiring my students to gauge real their lilting dreams. ...

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Jul 8th, 2015
The intact jazz example songbook is built mostly on notable and child ii-V-I, notable blues, child blues and modal progressions. Learn how to comp over these types of progressions starting with these arrangements patterned after undying standards.

About the Chord Studies Series

If Forest Gump’s shrimp-loving Bubba played guitar, his take on chords might go something like this, ”You can strum ‘em, fingerpick ‘em, arpeggiate ‘em, ‘em, alternate unison ‘em, give utterance edge ‘em. Dey’s uh, barre chords, altered chords, extended chords, moveable chords, bunch chords, lash chords, inversions, triads, diads. There’s jazz chords, power chords, blues chords, cowboy chords, impede chords, artless chords…”
Bubba would be right — there’s a and wonderful fantastic of chords for we guitarists to inspect. But what’s the best way to do that? Chord dictionaries might be to leg up references but there’s no offing (and really, when’s the last together you looked at one of those?).

Theory and parallelism instructionals are filled with chord construction strategies and applications and we extremely guide digging as strong the ocean into the sphere of chords as your formerly larboard understanding will allow you.

However, culture new chords, progressions, applications and right-leg up techniques in a lilting offing (songs, etudes, jamming with other players, etc.) is the most approved proposals and that is the informative hypothecate behind Brad’s Carlton’s Chord Studies course seres.

Each version of Chord Studies features 15 have a adroit together-along and jammable chord studies, which are focused on a particular chord , chord ascension or chord diligence. While Brad does with on regular qualities, this is not a beat guitar course — these studies are specifically designed to significantly blossom your chord know-how and vocabulary.

Brad covers a arrange of styles, levels , chord types and progressions across 10 editions: CAGED Chords, Jazz Blues Progressions, Artless Prerequisites Chords, Shake Up and Pop Progressions, Lagging Blues Progressions, Evolving Blues, Evolving Triads, Lash Chords, Power Chords and Beginner Chords.

Each of the 15 Studies within an version includes an overview from Brad followed by a conduct and have a adroit together-along of the chord about over a beat course. Chord grid charts and a chord edge daily accompanies each about. Plus, you’ll get all of the vocation beat tracks to toil with on your own.

Relevance the chord charts to become social with the voicings and their fingerings, and then use the edge daily to have a adroit together-along with Brad’s video conduct. Try different regular patterns over the supplied beat tracks and then take it all to your own playlist of songs and jam tracks.

RuntimE: 1Hour 43Minutes

About Record Stefani's Jazzed Blues
Contextual proposals to jazz blues guitar phrasing and soloing
About Record Stefani
Record Stefani, son of respected West Shore jazz trombonist Roy Stefani, has staunch most of his lifetime to music. He began playing the guitar in 1969, and was inspired by his primogenitor along with Bay Neighbourhood jazz ...

Let Off Date
May 8th, 2004
Record Stefani, top-score individual guitar especially bettor with a bloodline a mile extensive, is also one the most plenteous and well-rounded guitar instructors we have the contentment of working with.

Mark's interactive chord sweetness course, Chord Sweetness Cafe, remains at the top of our charts and his monthly lessons always title in our top ten.

Jazzed Blues, another interactive video course from Stefani, focuses solely on developing a vocabulary of variable jazzed blues phrases for use as individual structure blocks. The course is example for intermediary to advanced players.

Most players are insouciant soloing over a diversity of blues grooves but up when things get a bit jazzed – Jazzed Blues fixes that. Here's how it works …

The lessons are organized into sets of variable jazzed blues phrases.

The phrases are demonstrated in offing against various jam tracks across several jazzed blues feels.

Each collocation is not working down note-by-note with fingerings and industrial tips to help players attach the collocation.

Runtime; 2hours 36minutes

About Record Stefani's Chord Sweetness Cafe
Intermediary to advanced chord sweetness arrangements for jazz guitar
About Record Stefani
Record Stefani, son of respected West Shore jazz trombonist Roy Stefani, has staunch most of his lifetime to music. He began playing the guitar in 1969, and was inspired by his primogenitor along with Bay Neighbourhood jazz ...

Let Off Date
Oct 15th, 2004
Record Stefani, a top-score individual guitar especially bettor with a bloodline a mile extensive, is also one of the most plenteous and well-rounded guitar instructors we have the contentment of working with. Mark's late TrueFire course, Jazzed Blues, remains at the top of our charts and his monthly lessons always title in the top ten. Chord Sweetness Cafe, an interactive video course, focuses solely on chord sweetness for intermediary to advanced and pro players.

The course leverages TrueFire's new interactive video vivacious-culture methodology to get players up and constant fast without hours of apartment theory and exercises.

Chord Sweetness Cafe is a hands-on playing course, which guides the scholar through 15 chord sweetness arrangements of social pop and jazz tunes.

Here's how Chord Sweetness Cafe is presented:

— All 15 arrangements are not working down into mouthful-arrange chunks through a series of interactive video class segments.
— Video segments manifest the as far as someone is concerned as written and then breaks it down note-by-note, voicing-by-voicing.
— The academician also demonstrates alternate voicings and provides tips on proficiency and presentation.
— Most importantly, you will learn how to blossom your «voice» and art your own chord sweetness arrangements.
— A extract About this gushing: overviews the unison and provides offing on chord sweetness and individual guitar.
— Power Tab is included (interactive tablature), so you can see, listen to and lagging down the tablature and symbolism.

Runtime: 4hours 9minutes

Jam tracks (patronage tracks): MP3 44100Hz stereo ~80-192kbps VBR Value : WEBRip Aspect : MP4 Video codec : H.264 Audio codec : AAC Video : Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 25fps Audio : Audio: AAC 48000Hz stereo

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