Keep your children harmless online

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Keep your children sound online — Udemy

Learn about the risks our children lineaments online and how to use direct upbringing strategies to change these risks.

Course About this outburst:

Every occasion our children use the internet they have access to every myself and fetish that the grown-up creation has to proposal. Parents can be that boundary-line between our children and the implicit risks the cyber creation has to proposal.

This course will not only footprint the dangers and responsibilities that be online but will shift your position and furnish you with strategies that will with you in dramatically reducing the cyber risks your foetus may lineaments. I will empower you by giving you direct tools and strategies to help defend your children and keep them sound in their digital environment.

This course will donate the go-ahead you to champion the salutary use of technology within your family.

The online creation holds many fantabulous opportunities for our children, however, we know this is coupled with risks and responsibilities. These risks can employ drop back into a figure up of categories:

technology becoming an obsession

is your foetus spending an destructive amount of occasion online?

cyber bullying

is your foetus being harassed online or being sent scurrilous messages. 68% of teens consent that cyber bullying is a serious problem.

skimpy online choices

making skimpy choices online can have big repercussions in the authentic creation through examples such as sexting and deformation

online unanimity theft

it has been reported that this is currently the fastest growing wrong moving in the world

online foetus sex offenders

grown-up users attempting to cause your children earthly and philosophical harm

In this course we will donate authentic individual examples and cases based on each of these six risks. Whether you are root, carer, grandparent, uncle or aunty or trainer this course will donate you the direct tools to look after these risks.

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