Lightroom Archetype Processing Mastery

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Introduction to the Perception Processing Mastery Workshop
Updated for CC

Exercise Files NOT Included

This Workshop is the development to the well-liked vigour pattern, Lightroom 4 A-Z Enchiridion.

Upon newel putting out pye as he guides you through wide erudition on processing
techniques for Lightroom 5,6, CC and beyond.

With over 10 hours of hands on perception processing instruction within the Lightroom Make Grow Module,
after completing this workshop, you will be able to newel system and fix prosaic perception issues as
well as bring into being to all intents any of advanced perception processing accomplish.

This workshop is designed to help photographers truly know inside out root to advanced newel putting out techniques.

Lightroom Archetype Processing Mastery Lightroom Archetype Processing Mastery Lightroom Archetype Processing Mastery

Plateau of Contents

Chapter 1 – Introduction and Basics
1. Introduction
2. Make Grow Module Interface Basics
3. Prepping Previews for Work

Chapter 2 – Newel Putting Out Basics
4. 5 Tips for Perception Processing
5. Making Root Corrections
6. The Histogram
7. The Tone Of Voice Curve
8. HSL Adjustments
9. Boycott and Virginal Conversion
10. Split Toning
11. The Details Panel
12. The Lens Punishment Panel
13. The Effects Panel
14. Camera Calibration and Merciful Proofing

Lightroom Archetype Processing Mastery Lightroom Archetype Processing Mastery Lightroom Archetype Processing Mastery

Chapter 3 – District Setting Tools
15. Introduction to District Adjustments
16. Using the Cropping Tool
17. Sight Discharge and Healing
18. Red Eye Correction
19. Graduated Cloth Tool
20. Radial Filters
21. Setting Brushes

Chapter 4 – Workflow and Developing
22. Introduction to Developing
23. Using the Navigator
24. How to Bring Into Being Presets
25. Presets vs Snapshots
26. Using the Curriculum Vitae Panel
27. Creating District Adjustments Presets
28. Creating Practical Copies
29. 15 Make Grow Functions and Shortcuts
30. 5 Ways to Sync Make Grow Settings

Chapter 5 – Make Grow Start to Finish
31. Intro to Developing Start to Finish
32. Fixing Strident Lighting
33. Fixing Underexposed Images
34. Fixing Overexposure and Flares
35. How to Bring Into Being a All-Embracing Image
36. Making Details Pop
37. Boosting Emphatic Range
38. Boosting Emphatic Sort Again!
39. Marked Aspect Coloring
40. Ingratiating Portraiture
41. Excellent Boycott and White
42. Color Split Toning
43. Boycott and Virginal Split Toning
44. Female Study Correct Principally I
45. Female Study Correct Principally II
46. Virile Study Correct Principally I
47. Virile Study Correct Principally II
48. Couples Study Correct Principally I
49. Couples Study Correct Principally II
50. Glowing and Airy Newborns
51. Colored Old-Fashioned Fade
52. Colored Old-Fashioned Flunkey Again
53. Simulating Color Film
54. Simulating Color Flick Again
55. Simulating Boycott and Virginal Film
56. Marked Frame Of Mind Shots
57. Marked Frame Of Mind Shots Again!
58. Grungy Byway Someone's Cup Of Tea Portraits
59. Creating a Trial Fend For Oneself Effect
60. Toy Camera or Softened Effectiveness Look

Chapter 6 – Other Modules
61. Introduction to Other Modules
62. Using the Map Module
63. The Power of the Earmark Module
64. Using the Earmark Module for Embankment Murals
65. Creating Slideshows
66. The Writing and Web Modules
67. Conclusion

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