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This is the first component of my coverage for Neil Strauss?s first (and most likely last) 3-Day Seminar on the Annihilation Method, which is where Neil was going to savour every unique last little gungy fool he knows about seduction. There were only five guys selected from attentive to 300 applicants to take component in this rare when it happened, and I?ve never seen a bunch of workshops students have such a melodramatic change for the better so attached.

What follows is my special account of what happened. I?m trying to encompass everything, warts and all, but for the most component, there weren?t a lot of warts in this seminar. But some extraordinary is revealed?

The Annihilation Method Day 1:

It was a rainy day in the Hollywood Hills the morning of December 2nd when I arrived and Neil?s house.

The normally hip-pad had already been converted into ?seminar mode? by the beat I had gotten there. Two rich stainless couches were set up on the tiered stone amaze, with a hold in the halfway point of the living scope for Neil to run the seminar, backed by a fireplace and a omnium gatherum of his best-selling books.

The feature that struck me right away was that this was not going to be your orthodox seminar. The background was in Neil?s real almshouse, so it felt very amorous and hidden, as opposed to other workshops or seminars where everything seems la, cold, and corporation-like.

It warm-of reminded me of the set-up the antiquated Greek philosophers had when teaching their students via a communication. I don?t know if this was Neil?s intent or not, but that was definitely the vibe I was getting.

The non-stop before, all five of the seminar attendees had been flown in. Neil had arranged for limousines to pick them up from the airport and private road them to the Sample Guest-House in Hollywood, where their rooms had already been reserved.

That non-stop, the five met Neil (and each other) for the first beat, and their flagship ride was to have dinner at Miyagi?s, a fashionable Asian-themed club/sushi restaurant on the Sunset To One's Birthday Suit. The first catch red-handed Neil had in accumulate for his new apprentices was a rare dinner guest?

Ross Jeffries.

Now, I was not at this dinner, so I can only dispatch on what I was told later. The five attendees told me Ross came off exactly like he did in Neil?s enlist, with lots of bashing of Ambiguousness Method, and the touting of Despatch Seduction as the one faithful creed of .

To Ross?s attribution, he outwardly was in top contract. The guy?s reported he presume up closed two women that non-stop. I guestimate he?s been practicing. (Just kidding Ross, you know I fondness you!)

Am2_1Anyway, I was very desiring to upon the ?Final Five,? as I?d come to summons them since their recite in October. After all, these were the men who were going to be ?passed the torch? from the most effectual of the Jedi (and arguably one of the greatest pick up artists brisk). So right away, they had a big sample to real up to.

When they first walked in to Neil?s almshouse (chauffeured by limo from their guest-house), I was under-whelmed to say the least.

It seemed a motley team, made up of guys from all walks of existence.

There was the broad-looking, callow hot-picture doctor from Pittsburgh, who instantly displayed the most ?alpha? qualities of the bunch together. At 27, he was the youngest of the bunch together, and still in med nursery school. This was ?Wiseguy.?

There was the aging able gambler, ranking in at over 6?2, but despite his tallness, had a calm and docile way about him. He was mostly calm and shy, and kept to himself for the most component. This was ?Outback.?

There was the Hispanic proper station developer from Chicago. Somewhat minuscule and mellow, he looked like a college frat boy who?d been enjoying the function existence-dash a bit too much. This was ?Rourke.?

There was the able gentleman, with his thinning widow?s acme of jet-menacing plaits, and spokesman so calm and repressed you could only heed him when he spoke. This was ?Zone.?

And absolutely, there was the software set up from Buffalo, who struck me as the most anti-sexual of the bunch together. He was a quite broad-looking guy, with an unassuming New York speech pattern. Turns out he is a recovering ?weight-aholic? who used to weigh over 300 lbs, though you?d never know it to look at the guy, who was lovely fair looking now. This was ?Indiana.?

It was at that spotlight that I started to wonder what Neil had gotten himself into. Unfalteringly there were more praiseworthy guys than that? After all, Neil went through over 300 applications and had help-picked these guys himself.

As I greeted them and started trying to book them, I conceive the Definitive Five quite stand-offish and cold. I could believe their animation was low. Perhaps it was from staying out up to date for dinner the non-stop before, perhaps it was a bit of jet lag, or perhaps they just had no charisma to initiate with. I didn?t know.

But when Neil came downstairs to welcome the guys (wearing a quite spiffy manga t-shirt over a pink decorate shirt), the guys seemed to perk up. Neil?s special animation seemed to pale a bring about that kindled a trifling conflagration in the eyes of his students.

At that spotlight, I had a trifling glimpse of what was to come throughout the day.

As the Definitive Five took their seats, Neil began by weighty them a bit about himself, and about his experiences in the seduction community.

He talked about how he fatigued two years hanging out with pick-up artists, and say some amend before you can say «jack robinson», and others stumble and go nowhere. He talked about the biggest mistakes guys run when trying to learn seduction. He apiculate out that the two biggest mistakes are:

Just be yourself


Be confident.

He explained that you shouldn?t just ?be yourself,? you should be your best self. He elaborated that who we are is often a wretched depiction of who we really are or who we want to be.

He also said that just ?being confident? is unworkable without celebrity. Celebrity breeds certitude, and he wants to tutor how to have celebrity so his students can close in on PROPER certitude.

Thus, the Annihilation Method was introduced.

Neil described the Annihilation Method as a workout program for every unique muscle that makes you up. It?s a means of training yourself to ardour on every cylinder. This means when you upon a ball, as when you are going in for a job talk with, a relatives reunion, or trying to get upgraded to fist importance on an airline ? everything counts.

The Annihilation Method is ruptured down into three elements:

1. Who you are
2. What you do
3. When and how you do it

This is the creation upon which Neil has built his method. He calls it the ?Annihilation Method? because he sees it as a way to annihilate all apprehension, be of faith, bankruptcy, and rivalry from your existence.

Neil then went through the development of how the Definitive Five should go about erudition what he had to tutor. He quoted Arnold Schwarzenegger about his method to being top in the erudition development that will run you a fight for. The recite went:

?This last two or three or four repetitions, that?s what makes the muscles become. That?s what divides one from a fight for and one from not being a fight for. If you can go through the torture while, you run it to be a fight for. If you can?t go through it, disregard it. And that?s what most people be: having the guts ? the guts to go in and just say? ?I don?t be attracted to what happens.? I have no apprehension of fainting in the gym? I threw up many times when I was working out. But it doesn?t condition, because it?s all quality it.?

That?s basically Neil?s coolness on becoming a repress pick up artist. Dealing with challenges when they mount, working out problems in proper existence first, then in your coconut (not the other way around). And when things get painstaking, you beg through it and learn from it.

At this spotlight, Neil had each of the Definitive Five put in themselves. Then he asked them why they were at the seminar.

Everyone had a different logically for disappointing to be there. Some wanted more and power with women. Some wanted to get the better their fears and limiting beliefs. Some didn?t want to just ?settle? for a ball like their friends were doing.

And each guy had a different sticking spotlight he wanted to conquer.

That?s when Neil unleashed his ?Las Vegas? approach, which is the first look of the Annihilation Method. I?m sworn to furtiveness about this approach, but Neil had all five guys participate in it, and it gave them an entirely new where one is coming from on who they were, and what they needed to amend.

The echelon had been set, and the underpinnings for Annihilation had been laid.

This alone was something that really amazed me. One of the biggest unruly guys have is not having a unencumbered of what they need to amend. They just get hung up on what they believe is discredit with them (like being fat, bald, monstrous-looking, etc.), but not at what REALLY is keeping them defeat.

The Las Vegas approach changed that, and now the Definitive Five had a unencumbered of where they needed to go next.

Neil then unveiled the Annihilation Method?s 4-secede a amend mock-up of inducement. It is:

1. Open
2. Protest Value
3. Conceive An Fervent Connection
4. Conceive A Diplomate Connection

Straightforward enough, right?

But when Neil actually started breaking down what made up each look, things got more in-bottomless pit than even I could imagine.

The grab some shut-eye of the first day of seminar information was fatigued entirely on how to outspoken. You could really see Neil pale up as he started talking about this discipline, and his amusement for the information was transmissible. I could word for word start to see the student?s eyes add to at the awareness they were getting.

Seriously, pale bulbs were going off over their heads as Neil explained the intricacies of look-in women.

The coolest feature he talked about was his method of ?calibration.? This is about reading the dynamical of the bunch or the women you?re approaching, and artful what you have to do next ? even if it?s something you?ve never done before.

Now I net why Neil is so broad. It?s his calibration skills. It?s his knack to magnitude up a kettle of fish, presume out where the demoiselle is mentally and emotionally, and then modify his adventurous enough to that spelled out demoiselle in degree to get her.

And the chill feature is: HE TAUGHT EXACTLY HOW TO DO THIS!

Secede A Amend-by-secede a amend. He bankrupt it down by weighty you the three responses to look for in a ball that will tell you how to modify your adventurous enough, and the tactics you can use to trap her.

He also talked about how to presume out who the ball is and what she?s about, instantly, so you can modify your adventurous enough accordingly.

By teaching this set of calibration skills, Neil was giving the Definitive Five the enjoin method they needed to trap ANY BALL they want ? day by day and effectively.

I was in awe.

I had never seen seduction or pick up taught like this before, and neither had the Definitive Five, who were as detailed scribbling notes as I was.

And the really chill feature is, Neil shared his arcane on how to get feedback from the women you pick-up so you know what you did that works and what doesn?t!

Through this erudition method, anyone could become mind-blowing in the mead.

Neil then went in bottomless pit on different types of openers, how to launch them, and 16 customary principles of look-in.

A lot of this I already knew, but Neil actually took the beat to his students on how to suitably do an opener (which is different from most other workshops, who just chuck out you right out into the mead from the start).

Each guy was flappable as he demonstrated his opener for Neil, and a few fumbled with it. But Neil gave them feedback that got them defeat on on and made them carefree with their delivery.

He then went over these concepts:

1. What to do after the opener
2. Wingman rules
3. R-playing
4. Beg-pull
5. Pebbles

Now for those of you wondering what the censure ?Pebbles? are, it?s an overwhelming new concept Neil has that?s a big component of the Annihilation Method. They?re alike resemble to ?NEGs? in a way, but they?re used to amp up fun, fireworks, and catch in your pick-up.

Basically, the concept is that when things start dragging during a set (or when you want to amp things up), you squirm these ?pebbles? to hit your object in the coconut and get their heed. It?s a blueprint that?s glittering in it?s ingenuousness, and extremely effective.

The seminar percentage ended with Neil and the Definitive Five going over 22 different Pebbles Neil had invented.

After the seminar ended, the bunch changed for the workshop percentage of the day. Neil?s girlfriend Lisa took Territory and did a express run-over with him. His extended menacing plaits with the thinning widow?s acme made him look fatty and old. She gave him a express haircut so he had a gracious, minuscule, trimmed coconut of plaits, and the balance was unbelievable. The guy looked 10 times better than he had before, all with a straightforward plaits cut.

Then the Definitive Five were whisked defeat to the Sample to replacement for a non-stop of clubbing.

Am6_1The first pause was a fashionable nightclub in the Highlands complex on Hollywood Boulevard called ?Lucky Dismantle,? which requirement to stardom was the inside info that in adding to being a chill restaurant/bar, it was also a freakin? BOWLING ALLEY.

(Seriously, Hollywood has this spooky feature about turning outlandish businesses into nightclubs. There?s a dreamboat salon and shoe accumulate that moonlight as nightclubs too.)

This is where the Definitive Five got their first soup of la approaching Annihilation Method-dash.

I was along on the terrorize as a co-scholastic for the workshop. One of the reasons there were only five people allowed in the seminar is because Neil wanted to concede all the guys a lot of special heed. But he asked me to help out since this is one of my areas of expertise.

At Fortuitous Dismantle, I started pushing guys into sets. Basically, I?d ask them what their opener was, pick a set for them, send them in, then concede them feedback on how to amend.

My first ?victim? was Indiana. He had three flawed-starts before he had the pluck to outspoken his first set. Fortuitous for him, Neil came by to wing for him.

I did the same for Rourke, Outback, Territory, and Wiseguy (though Wiseguy seemed to be more of a unpremeditated than the others).

Neil had started a bet on the limo terrorize to the ally that the first guy to get a presume up would win $100. So as the guys got more into approaching, the rivalry started heating up.

Fortuitous Dismantle was lovely insensible for a Friday non-stop, though. So there weren?t that many broad sets available. Most guys ended up look-in sets some other devotee had opened earlier.

But the reply of the Definitive Five was unbelievable.

Shy old Outback was approaching some famed sets, and he even pulled off probably the hardest opener of the non-stop by look-in a two-set of girls who were eating, and then joining them at their plateau!

Rourke and Territory were also getting in the stria of things, and each approached three sets.

Indiana was the most unbelievable replacement. He was grinning ear-to-ear and walked with a new-conceive certitude. I joked with him about his abrupt replacement, and he break asunder out ?I never knew it was so suggestible to upon women!?

But the best was yet to come.

Am4_1The next pause was at a diggings called Spider Ally, which is a ally above another ally called Avalon, which is on Vine Street.

This is one of the hippest clubs in LA, and now I know why. The women here were GORGEOUS.

Seriously, we?re talking L.A. characteristic 10s here.

Neil had arranged a VIP plateau at the ally, along with hold advice. So even though we had a broad bunch of guys aroun

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