Sean Michael Andrews - Twinkling Of An Eye & Instantaneous Inductions 2nd number

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Sean Michael Andrews — Twinkling Of An Eye & Instantaneous Inductions 2nd number

On With Tyrannical Faith!

Fancy wonderful-high-speed hypnotic techniques so mighty that they will vocation on to all intents anyone you want to on, whether it’s a shopper you’ve known for a lengthy yet or a undivided alien at a fete. You will be amazed at how apace and how well these inductions vocation!

Sean Michael Andrews’s all new, second print run “Instant and High-Speed Inductions” DVD will take you footstep by footstep through the complete organize of performing trice and high-speed inductions, starting with a terse yet sure-holocaust pre-talk which convinces your testee that they will have a wonderful practice in hypnosis!

Suggestibility testing is a huge ice-breaker for fete and concourse situations. Learn these techniques which your audience will thoroughly derive pleasure, and will help you predicament the best subjects. Many of these can also be turned into inductions, and Sean shows you exactly how! –

Arms Rising and Falling
The Spiegel Eye Rotation Test
The Imminent Clasp
Figure In Magnets

Just think – you can most learn how to safely and effectively depict all of these inductions, and in which settings each works best:

The Dave Elman Induction – ritual, shortened, trice and pile variations;
The Imminent Taste Induction;
The Arm Collar Induction – two styles;
The Handshake Interrupt;
The Figure In Induction

This all-new second print run also contains more wily Ericksonian-high style inductions such as:

The Doubtful Touch
The Handshake Interrupt

And you view out not only how to depict these inductions, but why you do them the way you do, including:

Shelter – why it should be the one bag for anyone performing trice and high-speed inductions, and hints and techniques to help you, the hypnotist,check into for any concerns your subjects may have;
Why semantics – the words you use – are so important;
How to predicament the best subjects;
How to troubleshoot when things don’t go as expected;
How to know exactly how acute your testee is.

This all-new, updated three DVD set contains these valuable techniques not covered in the first print run:

A sure-holocaust method to get enfranchisement to ignite your subjects;
The Entertainment Run – whether you’re on the concourse, the organize, or even in your treatment department, you can never from beginning to end handle the circumstances. Learn how to help your subjects listen to out all distractions and arrest inwards hypnotized, even in the loudest, busiest settings!
Deepening techniques, mighty adjuncts which will send your subjects even deeper into hypnosis, such as:
The brains rotation deepener;
The Vogt deepener;
The 10 down to 1 deepener;
And many more!

Dealing with uncomfortable situations:

Nonentity to emerge
Hypnotic hangover

Trice inductions are valuable not only to concourse hypnotists, but also to hypnotherapists and organize hypnotists for demonstrating hypnosis and as mighty convincers. Even if you’ve been favoured enough to minister to one of Sean’s classes in living soul, this three DVD set is valuable to have on imminent to continually inspection and brace your awareness.

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