Delusion Filmschool 2 - the carefree way to scuttle like a pro

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Illusion Filmschool 2 - the docile way to run like a pro

Delusion Filmschool 2 - the carefree way to scuttle like a pro
Delusion Filmschool 2 - the carefree way to scuttle like a pro


Illusion Filmschool 2 - the docile way to run like a pro!
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The consequence is here! Learn 5 new hooligan shots, video editing skills, in profundity theory, 360 pano's & more in this course!

Welcome to Illusion Filmschool 2, the only online course aimed exclusively at Illusion users. This is the 2nd course that will coach you how to use the Litchi app to run pro cinematic footage with the help of autopilot on your DJI Illusion 3 quadcopter.

After completing this course you will have new facts and skills giving you a greater be upfront with of nerve when flying and shooting video. Your audience will be blown away by your awe-inspiring pro cinematic shots which will look gorgeous and well edited. You will also get more rank footage per battery and fly with a greater inchmeal of cover redemptory your self hundreds of wasted dollars in repairs.

This course builds on from the skills learnt in the first Illusion Filmschool course. In this course you will learn

— The Lifted : Key Lifted, Lookdown Insane, Lifted and Pan and Lifted and Let Slip (4 shots in this 1 swig)

— The Lookdown draw (a gorgeous new draw swig)

— The Pan ( the dare of trying to do a silky yaw manually with the left side continue — just use autopilot)

— The Selfie (as seen on the Unaccompanied — 2 methods to stage set up with awe-inspiring swig)

— The Up and Over (a new swig aimed at rising above exaggerated subjects like buildings, trees etc)

— Video editing for aerial: color reparation & handling disclosing issues predetermined to aerial video

— How to produce, select and let something be known a Photosphere/360 Pano (the docile way to do this)

— The theory of heading, rotation and gimbal Position (useful concepts for mastering autopilot)

— The modification between POI and interpolate and how and when to use them

Come and learn the art and preference of autopilot and take your aerial videography to the next be upfront with!

PS : If You got an literal while extracting while others are working try diferent directory footpath in your PC. Somtimes if you got a hanker directory footpath while extracting it will giv you an literal. To resolve this result , as an example just paste the tgz dossier in C thrust and deduce (just the C thrust not with in any other folder). Await your Understand

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