Georges St-Pierre - GSP Rushfit 8 Week Training Program

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Georges St-Pierre — GSP Rushfit 8 Week Training Program

Georges St-Pierre — GSP Rushfit 8 Week Training Program
Georges St-Pierre — GSP Rushfit 8 Week Training Program


Georges St-Pierre — GSP Rushfit: 8 Week Training Program
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RUSHFIT is an innovative training program that has speedily become a top selling good shape series all over the . Get primed to succession with GSP and declare out why RUSHFIT gets results:

The workouts are rapid — about 45 minutes each — providing the extreme amount of training in the shortest possible at intervals. Get your workout done and get on with your day.

Calorie afterburn! The together merge of ardent intervals and metabolic conditioning will singe calories dream of after your workout.

It's operating good shape designed for everyone, and the 5 five record rounds of ardent harass simula.

Least kit — All you need is a everyday collection of pass on weights or dumbbells, between 5 — 30 lbs. That's it!

You won't get bored or level — RUSHFIT is designed so you can bourgeon the laboriousness as your intensity and conditioning improves.

You will singe fat AND increase muscle — most harass programs are all conditioning or all avoirdupois training — RUSHFIT provides both!

GSP does every harass right along with you! When you«re torture, so is he. Now that»s veritable motivation.


RUSHFIT Workouts on Six DVDs: (1) Intensity and Lifetime, (2) Abdominal Intensity & Heart Conditioning, (3) The Make Conditioning Workout, (4) Dangerous Power Training, (5) Satiated Group Intensity & Conditioning, and (6) The 2 Perquisite Workouts — Make Up For & Agility and Stretching For Flexibility

3 Different 8 Week Training Calendars — Beginner, Medial & Advanced

RUSHFIT Nutrition Director — A complete director on how to provocation your to add to results

RUSHFIT Workout Director — Move by move preparation and tips for your 8 week program

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