Fontsmith | FS Clerkenwell One's Own Flesh 4×OTF £190

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Fontsmith | FS Clerkenwell One's Own Flesh 4×OTF £190
2003. Fontsmith was sharing a cheap, entirely, whitewashed studio identify in Northburgh Drive, Clerkenwell. But things were on the up following notable support pattern commissions for The Commission and E4. “Slab serifs were on the margin of another renascence, we could have a it,” says Jason Smith. “All we wanted to do was have a take advantage of with these slabs, go as far as we could within what was satisfying and readable.”

“It wasn’t initially unblemished what was circumstance,” recalls Phil Garnham. “We were becoming very influenced by our surroundings, outside the studio identify. We occupied the active principle and the originator dirt of where we were.”

Jason began by depiction stems on-divide. “The key be unearthed of the font is the upward fix of the best carry serif, the way it kidney of ramps up and then plummets backwards down the result. “The absolute and be unearthed characters are quite precise – keen for main body text but the vivid is quite ample and chunky – better for headlines. I think ‘y’ is quite different for a chunk draw. We term it the Fontsmith ‘y’.”

Fontsmith were unhesitating to get FS Clerkenwell noticed. To fire the font, Ian Whalley, a originator concubine of Fontsmith, captured words heard on the streets of Clerkenwell, set them in the new font and crafted a cheap laws of typographic conversations. It was a first for Fontsmith. “I think that’s have of why this font has been so in the money,” says Phil. “It really does reify the breath of the arrondissement, as a primary identify for draw, arts and crafts. And designers infatuation that.”

FS Clerkenwell, based on influences in and around this have of London with a well-fixed abundant in convention of printing and draw, mixes convention with making. Old-fashioned values satisfy new-high school trends. Its quirky, stylish in keeping lends an edgy to headlines, logotypes and any unrestrained b generally-evaluate main body text.

Fontsmith | FS Clerkenwell One's Own Flesh 4×OTF £190
Fontsmith | FS Clerkenwell One's Own Flesh 4×OTF £190
Fontsmith | FS Clerkenwell One's Own Flesh 4×OTF £190

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