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Lick Library — The Chord Encyclopedia v2
Lick Library — The Chord Encyclopedia v2Lick Library — The Chord Encyclopedia v2Lick Library — The Chord Encyclopedia v2

Lick Library
Chord Encyclopedia Vol 2
By Levi Clay
Learn everything you need to know about 7th chords and how to use and call to mind them. Lessons by Levi Clay

In this hunt down up to amount 1, Levi Clay expands on the immense amount of triad learning with a look into 7th chords. From proletarian chords such as paramount 7s, girl 7s and principal 7s, to more adventuresome sounds like maj7#5s and 7b5s. In this course you'll covering various approaches to memorizing these voicings all over the neck using both video and the downloadable tab booklet.

Between the CAGED set, renounce 2, renounce 3, example tones and more, this course will show voicings that thousand into the hundreds. This course is one of the most stuff methods to prolong your skill of the fretboard.

•CAGED grips
• renounce 2 voicings
• renounce 3 voicings
• example tones
•diatonic 7th chords
•advanced harmony

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About Levi Clay
Lick Library — The Chord Encyclopedia v2

Levi Clay is one of the UKs fastest rising teachers and players with credits as an designer and transcriber in some of the worlds most loved publications including LickLibrary's own Guitar Interactive Magazine.

Coming from the dumfound curriculum vitae, Levi has developed his tastes considerably to thousand paramount influences from 40s jazz and blues, 50s rockabilly and western trend, to the funk and jazz fusion of the 70s. His bigger influences thousand Scott Henderson, Wayne Krantz, Brent Mason, Danny Gatton, Joe Old-Fashioned, Pat Martino and Derek Trucks.

Since mobile to London in 2008 to learning for his measure in music appearance Levi went on to succeed in further qualifications in teaching and pedagogy. He is now an in insistence master, anchorman and transcriber with incident that includes teaching at London's Guitar Establish and the noted IGF festivals, transcribing for top players, magazines and publishers the crowd over and article for publications like Prime Minister Guitar. Levi maintains a direct ripple of students around the crowd who are haggard to his particularized and orderly technique and passion for blues, jazz and dumfound music.

Constituents Runtime: 2hours 25mins 16secs

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