Extraordinary Reports and Dashboards with Surpass Power Aspect

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Marvellous Reports and Dashboards with Outrank Power Representation

Extraordinary Reports and Dashboards with Surpass Power Aspect
Extraordinary Reports and Dashboards with Surpass Power Aspect


Marvellous Reports and Dashboards with Outrank Power Representation
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Learn to use the new Outrank 2013 PowerView put into the limelight to invent telling interactive dashboards and analyze observations.

Outrank Power Representation is a telling new work in Outrank 2013 which will allow you to research, visualize and hand-out your observations in ways you never knew possible.

Learn to use Power Representation to invent telling interactive graphical dashboards. Power Representation is an interactive observations survey, visualization and giving savoir vivre that improves decree making and gives you powerful acuteness in to your role.

Marvellous Reports and Dashboards with Outrank Power Representation is the second course to be released about Outrank Role Wisdom. The Outrank Role Wisdom number of tools includes PivotTables, PowerPivot, Power Representation, PowerQuery, PowerMap and PowerBI.

Outrank Role Wisdom skills and capabilities are in bid as companies are using Outrank to analyze their role observations to bring into being new wisdom and acuteness. McKinsey Consulting recently released a description showing that close to 1.5 million new stewardship job positions are required in the Combined States with observations division skills and capabilities.

This course introduces you to the Outrank Power Representation interface, teaches you how to invent tables and graphs, learn to effortlessly trickle observations and ask questions of your observations, hand-out telling observations division and upon interactive dashboards.

The course also includes how to invent relationships between between two tables of observations and how to effortlessly invent reports and visualizations from both observations sources using elementary procrastinate and discard actions. The course teaches users how to effortlessly invent measure based scatterplot and bubbleplot advanced visual division techniques.

This course is for any Outrank alcohol who develops stewardship reporting or performs observations division to increase the lead new acuteness from observations. Outrank Power Representation is only available in individual to versions of Outrank 2013 so first verify that you have the right interpretation of Outrank.

The course includes two downloadable training datafiles and currently has 23 video lectures showing how to use Outrank Power Representation.

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