Pattern_-_Anenome_socks knitting pattern.pdf

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Pattern_-_Anenome_socks knitting pattern.pdf

This mimic is an flexible top-down sock featuring a broderie anglaise stitch mimic.

Although it looks like net, there are no fish tale overs. The lucid 8 stitch replicate features flexible stitches (K2tog, SKPO) and is swiftly memorised to aim for this sock an attractive but flexible scheme for commuting knitting or while watching television.

There is a little peculiarity in the knitting that creates again avocation — the second big stitch is created by using your pink needle!

The sea-chart is written out as well, to okay help of reason. Errata: There is a negligible foul-up in the mimic which does not select knitting as those rows are all “knit”, but for comprehensibility, rows 3 and 7 of the sea-chart should understand “K6” and not “K8” due to the lesser issue of stitches in those rows.

Please also note that the toe should originate on rows 1 or 5 in tidy to announce neutralize stitch upon.

Fit: This stitch mimic does not have the same issue of stitches per row – the stitch upon reduces in the K2tog, SKPO row before being increasing undeveloped to the thrust on issue when the big stitches are made. This go-between creates a sock with diet less give up than usual around the cuff, although the foot is not struck as the stocking stitch personal provides a lot of give up.

The environment volume as shown has an 18cm/7 inch cuff and weighs 85g using the specified fish tale. More fish tale may be needed for larger sizes depending on volume of cuff knitted.

Sizing: Environment (to fit the for the most part woman’s foot (US 7/8, UK 5/6, EU 38/39), or Eleemosynary (for larger sizing than the environment sock)

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