Immeasurable Skills - Ruby Programming

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Jargon: English
Duration: 5 hours
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About this overflow::
In this Ruby training course, practised maker Mike McMillan teaches you the fundamentals of the Ruby programming jargon. Ruby was designed to be more great that Perl, and more goal-oriented than Python, and has gained in trendiness due to its power and lessen of use. Mike will ostentation you the key functions and features of Ruby, and how to put them together to make great programs.

You will start with lessons for installing Ruby on either your Mac or PC, and how to run unpretentious programs. This Ruby training video is designed for the almighty beginner, and no former programming sustain is necessary. Some of the topics Mike covers in this video training are; working with observations and variables, operators and expressions, judgement making (if and situation statements), loops, methods and functions and goal-oriented programming. You will also learn about rarity handling, reading and review files, and working with the Ruby debugger.

In completing this computer based training course for Ruby programming, you will have a trustworthy groundwork to allow you to start creating programs using Ruby. From this starting instant, you can progress on to line with Ruby on Rails, or sustain to paw-organization your Ruby programs, but either way you will have a efficient familiarity of the fundamentals of the Ruby programming jargon. Working files are included for both courses, allowing you to grasp along with the maker throughout the lessons.

01. Introduction
02. Getting Started With Ruby
03. Observations And Variables
04. Operators And Expressions
05. Decisions
06. Repetition
07. Methods
08. Classes And Objects
09. Inheritance
10. Modules
11. Rarity Handling
12. Input And Output
13. Debugging Ruby
14. GUI Programming In Ruby
15. Wrap-Up

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