Carriage Signal - VMware vSphere Pro Series Training Vol. 2- DVD 1-2-3

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Train Signal — VMware vSphere Pro Series Training Vol. 2- DVD 1-2-3

Exercise Signal — VMware vSphere Pro Series Training Vol. 2 (DVD1 - DVD3)
English | AVI | 800x600 | TechSmith 229 Kbps 15.000 fps | PCM 352 Kbps 22.05 khz | 21 hours + | 11.97 GB

Our new vSphere Pro Series Training Vol. 2 is the second in our collaborative VMware training series that is meant to elevate your vSphere acquaintanceship to knowledgeable raze.

This publish packs almost twice as much news, tips, tricks and resources as Vol. 1 oblation you over 21 hours of video training on:

— Deliverance Director (SRM)
— Veeam Managing Suite
— VMware Observations Deliverance (VDR)
— PowerCLI
— vSphere Advanced Features

The best fetish about our vSphere Pro Series is the worth instruction from four of the world’s top VMware users, all of whom have received vExpert awards from VMware.

VMware Advanced Features Up Fast — Eric Siebert
Video 1 VMDirectPath
VMDirectPath Requirements and Limitations
How to Use VMDirectPath
VMDirectPath Tips and Best Practices

Video 2 Paravirtual SCSI Adapters
pvSCSI Requirements and Limitations
How to Use pvSCSI
pvSCSI Tips and Best Practices

Video 3 Understood Shape Communication Interface
Requirements, Limitations and How to Use VMCI
VMCI Tips and Best Practices

Video 4 Error ToleranceFault Immunity Requirements
Using the Measurement Aid to Verify Compatibility
Error Immunity Limitations
How to Use Error Tolerance
Error Immunity Tips and Best Practices

Video 5 Underfed Provisioning
Viewing Disk News in vSphere Client
Requirements, Limitations and How to Use Underfed Provisioning
Underfed Provisioning Tips and Best Practices

Video 6 VMotion and Storage VMotion
Requirements for Using VMotion, Enhanced VMotion Compatibility (EVC) and Storage VMotion
How to Use VMotion
How to Use Enhanced VMotion Compatibility
How to Use Storage VMotion
VMotion Tips and Best Practices
EVC and Storage VMotion Tips and Best Practices

Video 7 Distributed Power Management
DPM Requirements and Limitations
How to Use DPM
DPM Tips and Best Practices

Video 8 Vigorous Voltage and Frequency Scaling
How to Use Vigorous Voltage and Frequency Scaling (DVFS)
DVFS Tips and Best Practices

Video 9 VMFS Sum Total Burgeon and Hot Draw Out Understood Disks
How to Use VMFS Sum Total Grow
How to Use Hot Draw Out Understood Disks
VMFS Sum Total Burgeon and Hot Draw Out Understood Disks Tips and Best Practices

VMware Deliverance Director 4 - Sean Clark
Video 1 Virtualization for Misfortune Recovery
Virtualization Enables Excellent Misfortune Deliverance (DR)
Misfortune Deliverance Before VMware
VMware Simplifies Misfortune Recovery
Deliverance Director (SRM) Automates DR
SRM Aged Raze Architecture and Introduction

Video 2 Preparing for SRM Installation
Supported Storage Replication
Instal and Configure the HP Lefthand P4000 Understood SAN Appliance
VMware Software Requirements
Database Requirements
Server and Network Requirements

Video 3 Installing SRM
Commentary the Instal Architecture
Instal SRM
Instal the Storage Replication Adapter (SRA)
Instal the SRM Plugin for vSphere Client

Video 4 Configuring SRM
Up Protected with Deliverance Site
Configure Array Managers
Configure Inventory Mappings
Sire Aegis Groups
Sire and Study Deliverance Plans

Video 5 Particularly Deliverance Plans
Particularly Deliverance Procedure Steps
Particularly Deliverance Procedure Gotchas
Exposition of Deliverance Steps
Particularly Deliverance for VMs
Exposition of Particularly Deliverance Options for VMs
Options to Keep VM Network Reconfigure
Pros and Cons of Vulgar Layer 2 Network

Video 6 Administering SRM
Aegis Platoon Administration
Protected Datastore Administration
Inventory Mapping Administration
Administering SRM Alarms
Configuring Access Manage for SRM
SRM Logs
Deliverance Procedure Reporting

Video 7 Failover and Failback
What is Failover?
Failover Best Practices
Exposition of Executing Failover
Failback Planning and Setup
Executing Failback After Losing Protected Site
Executing Failback to Functioning Protected Site
Exposition of Executing Failback

Intro to Third-Dinner Party Virtualization Tools — David Davis
Video 1 Introduction to Third-Dinner Party Virtualization Tools
Why You Need Third-Dinner Party Tools
Overview of Third-Dinner Party Tools for Virtualization
Why Virtualization on-Indicated Backup Products?

Veeam Television Screen — David Davis
Video 1 Introduction to Veeam Monitor
What Does Veeam Television Screen Offer?
Differences Between the Immune From and Commercial Veeam Monitor
What’s New in the Latest Type of Monitor?
Overview Demo of Veeam Monitor

Video 2 Installing Veeam Monitor
Veeam Television Screen Procedure Requirements
Downloading and Installing Veeam Monitor

Video 3 Configuring and Using Veeam Monitor
Connecting Television Screen to vCenter
Using Exhibition Charts
Customizing Exhibition Charts
Configuring Alarms and Using Modeling
Viewing Events
Generating Reports
Integrating Veeam Television Screen with Obligation View

Veeam Stringer 4.0 - David Davis
Video 1 Introduction to Veeam Reporter
How Veeam Stringer Can Help You
Vulgar Uses of Veeam Reporter
Procedure Requirements to Use Reporter
New Features in Stringer 4.0

Video 2 Installing Veeam Reporter
Veeam Stringer Architecture
Veeam Stringer Licensing
Downloading Veeam Reporter
Installing Veeam Stringer Server

Video 3 Configuring and Using Veeam Reporter
Overview of Veeam Stringer Interface
Controlling Narcotic Addict Access to Reporter
Creating Collecting Jobs to Come To A Standstill B Uproot vSphere Stats
Discernment Statement Packs
Creating Handbook Reports
Creating Automated Reports
Customizing Your Dashboard
Integrating Stringer with Obligation View
Viewing Offline Reports with Statement Viewer
Exporting Reports to Parley, Shine, and Visio

Veeam Backup and Replication — David Davis
Video 1 Introduction to Veeam Backup and Replication
Promote Overview: Veeam Backup and Replication
Demo: Veeam Backup and Replication

Video 2 Installing Veeam Backup and Replication
Veeam Backup Architecture
Supported Backup Exile Modes
Veeam Backup Requirements
Veeam Backup Licensing
Downloading Veeam Backup
Installing Veeam Backup and Replication

Video 3 Configuring and Assistance up VMs with Veeam Backup
Connecting Veeam Backup to vSphere
Configuring Email Notification
Discernment Narcotic Addict Roles in Veeam Backup
Creating & Game a Backup Job
Reviewing Backup Job
Re-adjusting a Backup Job
Creating & Game a Backup Using Network Plan B Mask Seal Protocol
10 Things You Must Know About Backup Jobs

Video 4 Restoring Understood Machines with Veeam Backup
Restoring an Unrestricted VM
Restoring VM Files Like VMDK or VMX
Restoring Personal VM Files

Video 5 Using the Veeam Systematize Raze Renovate Wizard
Alteration Between Systematize Raze Renovate Wizard and Backup Browser
Considerations: VMware Thespian, VM Prearranged VM
Importing Backups to Veeam Backup and FastSCP
Restoring Linux Files with the Systematize Raze Renovate Wizard

Video 6 Replicate Understood Machines with Veeam Replication for Misfortune Recovery
Why You Need Replication for Misfortune Recovery
Creating a Replication Job
In The Absence Of Over VM Replicas
Fall Failover
Configuring Near CDP Replication Using Veeam Backup and Replication

Video 7 Managing Backup Servers with Veeam Guts Manager
What is Veeam Guts Manager?
Installing Veeam Guts Manager
Adding Veeam Backup Servers to Guts Manager
Viewing Consolidated Backup Observations with Guts Manager

Video 8 Assistance Up vCenter with Veeam Backup and VSS
Riddle: Why vCenter Requires a Important Backup with VSS
Answer: Creating a Important Backup Job for vCenter
Issues with VMotion and DRS Affiliated to vCenter
Checking Backup Report
Milieu Automation Raze to Ruined in DRS Configuration

VMware Observations Deliverance (VDR) — David Davis
Video 1 Introduction to VMware Observations Deliverance (VDR)
VMware Observations Deliverance (VDR) Overview
VMware Observations Deliverance Demo
Why Do I Need VMware Observations Recovery?
VDR and vSphere Packaging
Benefits of Using VDR
New Features of VDR 1.2
Limitations of Using VDR
How Does VDR Work?

Video 2 Fitting and Opening Configuration of VMware Observations Deliverance (VDR)
Downloading VMware Observations Deliverance (VDR)
Installing the VDR Obstruct-in
Installing the VDR Appliance
Adding Storage Destinations
Powering Up VDR
Verifying Opening Configuration
Fundamental Application of the VDR Appliance

Video 3 Performing Backups and Restores with VMware Observations Deliverance (VDR)
Creating Backup Jobs in VDR
Defining a Backup Window
Milieu Backup Retention Policies
Grouping VMs for Backup
Creating and Game a Demo Backup Job
Performing Renovate Using VDR
Renovate Rehearsals
Monitoring and Reporting on Backup Jobs
Getting Backup Observations on the Tape

Video 4 Performing Systematize Raze Restores in Windows with VDR
Windows Procedure Requirements to Act Systematize Raze Renovate (FLR)
Paradigm vs. Advanced Renovate Mode
Performing Systematize Raze Renovate in Windows with VDR

Video 5 Performing Systematize Raze Restores in Linux with VDR
Linux Procedure Requirements to Act Systematize Raze Renovate (FLR)
Performing Systematize Raze Renovate in Linux with VDR Using Control Line

Video 6 VMware Observations Return (VDR) Best Practices
VDR Maximums
How to Update VDR
Assistance Up vCenter VM
Installing VMware Tools
Upgrading Understood Hardware
Archiving Backups for Offsite Storage
Monitoring Backups Target Growth
Extending Your Backup Destination
Better Bakcup Performance
Creating a VDR Log Do A Moonlight Flit for Support

PowerCLI — Hal Rottenberg
Video 1 Reporting with PowerCLI
A Important Note About ESXi
How to Sire Enormous Reports – A Brief Overview
Who Is Your Audience?
What Are Your Requirements?
Requirements — Yield Formats
Requirements — Statement Destinations
Throw the Data
Automate! If You Reprise It, Order It!
When Is PowerCLI Useful for Reporting?
Using PowerCLI to Sire Reports
Statement 1: Crowd Inventory
Using VMHostReport.ps1 Script
Statement 2: VM Inventory
Using VMReport.ps1 Script
Sending an E-post with VM Report
Statement 3: Storage Utilization
Using Export-DSReport.ps1 Script
Using Search Datastore Function

Video 2 Exhibition with PowerCLI
Introduction to Exhibition Monitoring
Vocabulary Lesson
Exhibition Manager
Piece Groups
Metrics & Counters
Rollup Types
Sampling Periods & Intervals
Statistics Collecting Levels
The Get-Stat Cmdlet
Get-Stat Parameters
Working with the Get-Stat Cmdlet
Start and Consummate Parameters for Get-Stat Cmdlet
Using Get-Stat Pattern Cmdlet
Exporting to CSV
Creating Charts with PowerBoots

Video 3 Diagnostics with PowerCLI
Diagnostics & Troubleshooting with PowerCLI
Detection: Working with Logs
Using Get-Log Cmdlet
ParameterSet: logBundleSet
Disovery: Comparing Taks & Events
Detection: Repay Tasks
Detection: Configure Inappropriate Syslog
ConfigMgmt: Get-Cmdlets
ConfigMgmt: Advanced Options
ConfigMgmt: Privileges, Roles, and Permission
ConfigMgmt: Authorization Cmdlets
ConfigMgmt: Crowd Profiles
Additional Resources

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