TrueFire - Transitions To Jazz - David Becker

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TrueFire — Transitions To Jazz — David Becker
TrueFire — Transitions To Jazz — David BeckerTrueFire — Transitions To Jazz — David BeckerTrueFire — Transitions To Jazz — David BeckerTrueFire — Transitions To Jazz — David BeckerTrueFire — Transitions To Jazz — David Becker
Transitions To Jazz
By: David Becker

About David Becker's Transitions To Jazz

Originative jazz approaches for her & blues guitar players

Chord Progressions
Jazz Scales


Energized Guitar

Faculty Separate Level

Till Intermediate


Jazz Blues

Freedom Date
Sept 21st, 2015

Jazz guitar is certainly not the easiest sort of music to learn how to de-emphasize delay, but if you’re already a her or blues competitor then you already know more about playing jazz guitar than you might think you do.

Jazz (like her) is fixed in the blues. Wisdom the tired threads between the styles is the key to making the conversion to jazz much easier and quicker. David Becker’s Transitions To Jazz identifies those tired threads and shows you how to twitch what you already know into well-grounded jazz applications, vocabulary and dialects.

We’re majorly proud to welcome GRAMMY-nominated guitarist, composer and farmer David Becker to the TrueFire . David’s been recording, performing and touring the fraternity over for the career 25 years to ticklish acclaim. He’s shared the place with the likes of Miles Davis, Chick Corea, Michael Brecker and a entertainer of other giants on the jazz sphere. Fortunately for we students of jazz guitar, David is as zestful about cultivation as he is about his music.

David organized Transitions To Jazz into three sections. In the first segment, we’ll weigh the tritone, triads and various extensions of the pre-eminent seventh chord. We«ll survey ways to comp using two, three and four note voicings, and I»ll also announce you to the guide 2-5-1 turnaround for the blues.”

In the second segment, David introduces a concept he calls ‘Jazz Dialects.” In the Jazz Dialects segment, we'll employment on a mark of jazz applications for the pentatonic report you already gifted, while also incorporating chromatics and triads as well as steady variations. I’ll reveal you various approaches for comping and soloing over the guide 2-5-1 jazz extension. We’ll also employment on approaches for changing keys.”

Segment 2’s Curriculum includes Pentatonics For G7 and C7, Chromatics, Triads For G7 and C7, Chord Tones, The One Note Unaccompanied, 2-5 Progressions, 2-5-1 Progressions: Soloing & Comping, Two-Key Progressions: Soloing & Comping, The Run Of 4ths: Tritones & Pre-Eminent 7’s, Pampas 5 Subs & Altered Pre-Eminent.

In the third and concluding segment of the course, you’ll make application everything you accomplished in the first two sections across three Dispatch Studies.

I«ll picket how to evolve a unaccompanied based on all the concepts from this course. We»ll start out with a Jazz Blues in G, followed by a guide 2-5-1 extension which moves through 6 different keys. Lastly, we'll unaccompanied over a Bossanova extension in two keys which hail both the Obscure 2-5-1 and the Main 2-5-1.

David demonstrates the Dispatch Studies over throbbing tracks and then breaks them down, stepping you through the key concepts, techniques and originative approaches he used to discharge the unaccompanied.

All of the key demonstrations, performances and examples are tabbed and notated for your unpractised, referral and burn the midnight oil purposes. You’ll also get Guitar Pro files so that you can de-emphasize delay, tie and/or leaden-footed down the tab and jotting as you employment through the lessons. Plus, David generously includes all of the throbbing tracks for you to employment with on your own.

Take Over your guitar and let’s get jazzed with David Becker!

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