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O'Reilly — Erudition Microsoft Windows 10

In this Lore Microsoft Windows 10 training course, wonderful novelist Erin Olsen teaches you everything you need to know to start working with Windows 10. This course is designed for the through-and-through beginner, denotation no prior sustain with Windows is required.

You will start by lore about the Windows 10 purchaser sustain, including the Windows 10 log-on options, slab sop settings, and shutdown and log-off options. From there, Erin will school in you how to preside over coat of arms settings, m on the desktop, preside over files and folders, and use search and Cortana. This video tutorial also covers above-board Windows 10 apps, apps for prosaic activities, and new features for multimedia. You will also learn about the new and improved Windows Put By, how to cement to networks, how to appropriate text and resources, and how to m in the cloud with OneDrive. At Long Last, you will learn how to keep Windows 10 evident, originate baby accounts, and learn about Windows 10 trade and trade features.

Once you have completed this computer based training course, you will have skilled everything you need to know to get started using Windows 10. Working files are included, allowing you to fathom along with the novelist throughout the lessons.

01. Introducing Windows 10
0101 Welcome To Windows 10
0102 About The Author
0103 What You Will Learn
0104 Windows 10 Editions
0105 Windows 10 Tour
0106 How To Access Your Working Files

02. The Windows 10 Purchaser Experience
0201 The Windows Ringlet Screen
0202 Windows 10 Login Options — Take A Part In 1
0203 Windows 10 Login Options — Take A Part In 2
0204 Login Using Biometrics
0205 Continuum In Windows 10
0206 Slab Sop Settings
0207 Start Menu Or Start Screen
0208 M With All Apps And Tiles — Take A Part In 1
0209 M With All Apps And Tiles — Take A Part In 2
0210 Put Together With Start Groups
0211 More About Personalizing The Start Menu
0212 Shutdown And Logout Options

03. Managing Coat Of Arms Settings
0301 Unified Settings In Windows 10
0302 Trade Coat Of Arms Themes
0303 Button Up Flourish Settings
0304 Configure Multiple Monitors And Resolution
0305 Nickname A aver
0306 Reorient Mouse And Touchpad Settings — Take A Part In 1
0307 Reorient Mouse And Touchpad Settings — Take A Part In 2
0308 Configure A Pen Or Stylus
0309 Controlling The Keyboard
0310 Utilize Battery Saver
0311 Optimize Power Plans
0312 Affirm Sync Settings
0313 Use Unperturbed Hours

04. Working On The Desktop
0401 Trade Taskbar Settings
0402 Configure Actions And Notifications
0403 Reorient The Clock And Every Now Zones
0404 Utilize App Switching And Blame View
0405 M With Multiple Desktops
0406 Sizing, Operating And Snapping Windows

05. Managing Files And Folders
0501 The Enhanced Organize Explorer
0502 Appropriate Momentarily From Organize Explorer
0503 Reorient Organize Explorer Views
0504 Customize Library Content
0505 Originate Folders And M With Files
0506 Cross Out And Resurrect Files With The Recycle Bin
0507 Use The Storage App To Name Storage Issues

06. Using Search And Cortana
0601 Simplified Integrated Search From The Taskbar
0602 Introducing Cortana — Your Digital Assistant
0603 Cortana Settings
0604 Escort Cortana Through Her Notebook
0605 Set Reminders With Cortana

07. Above-Board Windows 10 Apps Prepare Vital Spark Easier
0701 Get Off The Deep End About Alarms And Clocks
0702 Not The Same Old Abacus App
0703 Appreciate The Photo App

08. Apps For Prosaic Activities
0801 Skype With Windows 10
0802 The Improved Post And Appointment Book Apps
0803 Get The Unalloyed Windows Sustain With The Phone Confrere App

09. New Features For Multimedia
0901 Hear To Music With Flute Music
0902 Sustain The Prospective With Hololens
0903 Windows 10 And Xbox

10. The New And Improved Windows Store
1001 The Windows Put By Arrival Page
1002 Widespread Apps
1003 Bargain Apps By Area And Search
1004 Best And Cement Apps
1005 Paying for Windows Put By Purchases

11. Connecting To Networks
1101 Critique The Network And Sharing Center
1102 Set Coat Of Arms Name And Workgroup
1103 Cement To And Preside Over Wi-Fi Networks
1104 Use Airplane Mode
1105 Setup A Alert Broadband Connection
1106 Coincide Settings For Wi-Fi Sense
1107 Use Network And Internet Settings

12. Sustain The Acerbic Peevish Browser
1201 Peevish Versus Internet Explorer
1202 The Peevish Hub
1203 Favorites In Edge
1204 Take Advantage Of The Reading Shopping List And Reading View
1205 Search From The Discourse Bar
1206 Set The Peevish Homepage
1207 Annotate And Appropriate Web Pages With Web Notes
1208 More Actions In Edge

13. Sharing Text And Resources
1301 Originate Or Attach Oneself To A Homegroup
1302 Name And Trade The Homegroup Password
1303 Access Shared Homegroup Files
1304 Sharing Drives Folders And Files

14. Working In The Cloud With OneDrive
1401 Get Started With OneDrive
1402 Configure OneDrive Settings
1403 OneDrive Through A Browser
1404 Get Files Into And Out Of OneDrive

15. Keeping Windows 10 Secure
1501 Preside Over Purchaser Accounts
1502 Configure Assigned Access
1503 Configure Concealment Settings
1504 M With Windows Firewall
1505 Use Windows Defender
1506 Encrypt Text With BitLocker

16. Keeping Families Safe
1601 Originate Baby Accounts
1602 One's Nearest Settings For Kids Accounts — Take A Part In 1
1603 One's Nearest Settings For Kids Accounts — Take A Part In 2

17. Easing Use Of Windows 10
1701 Key Guide Of Access Features
1702 Easing Use Of The Keyboard And Mouse
1703 Other Prosaic Guide of Access Options

18. Windows 10 Trade And Trade Features
1801 Trade And Trade Features Overview — Take A Part In 1
1802 Trade And Trade Features Overview — Take A Part In 2
1803 Trade And Trade Features Overview — Take A Part In 3

19. Maintaining Windows 10
1901 Associating Organize Types With Apps
1902 Run Programs As An Administrator
1903 Checking What Is Perpetual With Blame Manager
1904 Managing Startup Apps
1905 Defragment Drives
1906 Cleaning Family With Disk Cleanup
1907 M With Windows Update
1908 Uphold Up Files Using Organize History

20. Conclusion
2001 Wrap Up

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