Treehouse - Base a Uncomplicated Android App (2014)

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Treehouse — Base a Uncomplicated Android App (2014)

This commitment covers the very basics of Android circumstance. We will strengthen a uninvolved app that will adequate up some fun facts when you tap on a button. We announce the Java programming terminology, a embellish for Android circumstance called Android Studio, and some very primary concepts of the Android Software Circumstance Kit, or SDK. By the end you will have a legitimate conception of how a primary app works, and you will be armed with the education to start construction more.

Getting Started with Android
Introducing Android and Java
Introducing Java Variables — 1 objective
Java Variables Explained
Troubleshooting Java — 1 objective
A Brief Introduction to Android Tools
Android Tools — 5 questions
Environment Up an Android Circumstance Surroundings for Mac
Environment Up an Android Circumstance Surroundings for Windows
Environment Up an Android Circumstance Surroundings for Linux
Creating the Fun Facts Project
On-Going the Fun Facts Project
Android Commitment Basics — 5 questions
Creating the Telly Layout
Getting to Know Our Tools
Android Tools Overview — 5 questions
Editing a Layout File
Changing Quotation in a Layout — 1 objective
Adding a TextView
Changing Quotation Enormousness — 1 objective
Adding a Button
Adding a Button — 1 objective
Environment Colors
Environment Colors — 2 objectives
Environment Padding
Using a Fullscreen Theme
Environment Padding — 1 objective
Primary Android Programming
Introduction to Methods and Classes
Introduction to Methods and Classes — 5 questions
Accessing Views in Code
Initializing a Button — 1 objective
Making a Button Do Something
Adding the onClick() Method
Android Programming Basics — 5 questions
Exhausted Strings
Using Exhausted Strings — 1 objective
Introduction to Java Objects
Generating a Erratically Number
Using the Erratically Group — 4 objectives
Coding the Fun Facts
Using Conditionals (if Statements)
Using Conditionals (else Statements)
Conditionals: Editorial an if Assertion — 5 questions
Introduction to Arrays
Declaring an Array — 1 objective
Properties of Arrays
Using an Array — 3 objectives
Improving Our Code
Uninvolved Refactoring: Creating a Class
Creating a Group — 2 objectives
Uninvolved Refactoring: Using a Class
Uninvolved Refactoring — 5 questions
Dynamically Changing the Out Of The Public Eye Color
Dynamically Changing the Out Of The Public Eye Color — 1 objective
Adding More Colors
Adding More Colors — 1 objective
Adding an App Icon
Adding an App Icon — 3 questions
Testing and Debugging
Salute Notifications
Making a Salute — 3 objectives
The Android Log
Editorial to the Log — 2 objectives
Debugging with DDMS
Using the Debugger — 5 questions
On-Going the App on a Device
On-Going an App on a Thingamajig — 5 questions

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