Pluralsight : Introduction to Node.js {TechieAce}

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Introduction to Node.js

Pluralsight : Introduction to Node.js {TechieAce}

In this course we accord an overview of Node.js, including script asynchronous principles with callbacks and streams, and modularizing your perseverance with NPM and lack().

We also look at built-in API's for construction and scaling web applications as well as a few key third role modules.

About this flow:
In this course we off with Node's upbringing, concepts and strategies for script asynchronous principles.

We then into Node's module methodology, including built-in modules, perseverance modularization as well as the NPM third role module registry.

From there we try to deal EventEmitters and Streams, as well as utilities for interacting with the neighbourhood record methodology.

Next we look at using Node to disparage both shopper and server web applications, as well as verifiable without surcease integration with Socket.IO.

We guard script module tests using both the built-in assert module and third role frameworks.

We wrap up with a look at launching lad processes in Node and script scalable applications with the «cluster» module.

Authored by: Paul O'Fallon
Duration: 2h 48m
Level: Intermediate
Released: 12/20/2012

Video Details:
Getting Started with Node.js 0:36:14
Introduction 0:38
Node.js Upbringing 1:51
Getting Node.js 1:31
Demo Installing Node on Linux with NVM 6:55
Demo Developing for Node with Cloud9 IDE 7:41
Nodes End Nautical Bend 2:51
Node Conventions for Script Asychronous Principles 4:45
Demo Script Asychronous Principles in Node.js 8:18
The Christmas Tree Dilemma Conclusion 1:44

Modules, lack() and NPM 0:17:43
Introduction Accessing Built-in Modules 2:42
Demo Accessing Built-in Modules 1:42
Using lack to Modularize Your Perseverance 2:22
Demo Accessing Perseverance Files with lack 3:00
Discovery 3rd Role Modules via NPM 2:17
Demo Installing and Using 3rd Role Modules 3:07
Publishing Your Own Module Conclusion 2:33

Events and Streams 0:26:35
Introduction 0:34
Events and the EventEmitter genre 4:41
Demo Returning an EventEmitter from a role 3:39
Demo Inheriting from EventEmitter 3:23
Enjoyable and Writable Streams the Main role 3:30
Demo Enjoyable and Writable Streams 3:21
Demo Piping Between Streams 6:54
Conclusion 0:33

Accessing the Neighbourhood Methodology 0:17:20
Introduction The Function 2:17
Demo The Function 5:21
Interacting with the Record Methodology 1:07
Demo Interacting with the Record Methodology 3:59
What is a Buffer 1:04
Demo Buffers 2:17
The OS Module Conclusion 1:15

Interacting with the Web 0:21:40
Introduction Making Web Requests in Node 2:36
Demo Making Web Requests in Node 4:01
Construction a Web Server in Node 1:58
Demo Construction a Web Server in Node 3:00
Realtime Interaction with Socket.IO 2:38
Demo Socket.IO 6:38
Conclusion 0:49

Testing and Debugging 0:27:38
Introduction The Assert Module 2:33
Demo The Assert Module 4:18
Testing with Mocha and Should.js 3:36
Demo Mocha and Should.js 9:14
Debugging with the Cloud9 IDE 1:17
Demo Debugging with the Cloud9 IDE and Chrome 5:40
Conclusion 1:00

Scaling Your Node Perseverance 0:20:57
Introduction The Lad Function Module 4:11
Demo The exec role 2:26
Demo The beget role 2:01
Demo The fork role 2:51
Scaling with Nodes Clutch Module 2:35
Demo Construction a Clustered Web Server 6:25
Conclusion 0:28

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