Groove3 Compressors Explained

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Kenny Gioia is service, this at all times giving you the information and pertinence of all the celebrated Compressors ever made, as well as their newfangled day stopple-in equivalents! Now you’ll know exactly what Compressor to pick for your tracks and how to use them. This series is elongated tardy!

Kenny starts with a complicated introduction, covering each work beau id Compressor and how they fit into compression information. Next Kenny goes over what a Compressor is, how they react and all of the most in variables and parameters that can be adjusted for each.

Mobile on, Kenny gives you awe-inspiring videos for each Compressor’s stopple-in a kind, including the Urei 1176, Teletronix LA — 2a, Teletronix LA — 3, Neve 2254/33609, API 2500, Fairchild 660/670, SSL E/G Direct Compressor, SSL Bus Compressor, Empiric Labs Distressor, and the DBX 160! Each of these Compressors are explained in particularly and you’ll also sanction how they substantial on different audio tracks.

The stopple-in equivalents featured in the series are by top stopple-in manufactures including Waves, IK Multimedia, Home-Grown Instruments, and Softube, so you’re fastened to twig one that you have and use.

If you’ve always wondered what Compressor gives you a certain substantial, or which one is best suited for a particular agency, this series will set you straight… Get “Compressors Explained” today.

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