Ringtones Made More Straightforward 1.zip

Formated as MP3 except (*) Bitrate (96) Example pace: (44100) Channels (2)Stereo 18 monster boobs 3 Doors Down — Away From The Sun (Acoustic) 3 Doors Down- Here Without You 3 Doors Down- Let me go 4 Non Blondes — What's Up(Acoustic Piano Account) A Multitude of Seagulls — I ran A Lifelike Around — 3 Libras A Lifelike Around — Submissive Acid Bath- Wield Power paintings of the foolish Afroman -because I got Ani DiFranco -Manhole Aqua Line-Up Essence inexpensively Audioslave — Accompany Me How To Persist Beck — Maiden Beck -Go It Alone Ben Folds Five — Rocking the Suburbs Ben Folds- You Don't Know Me (exploit Regina Spektor) Bestie boys- Intergalactic Better Than Ezra — Personal Property Billy Endowment -Try Probity Gleam 182 -Jolt Job Blood Houndgang -When the Stripper is Crying Bloodhound Combine -Balls Out Lewd October — Animus me Divulge — Inexpensively 2 Breaking Benjamin -The Annals of Jane Consolidate — Commissioning a Symphony in C Consolidate — Sway N' Open Out Lifestyle Consolidate -Achates Is a Four Letter For Letter Parley California [Acoustic] Charles & Eddie — Would I Lie To You (Acoustic Account) Chevelle- the coup de gr Chris Thile- Unfeeling leaves and the slovenly settlings Chumbawumba -Tubthumping Colbie Caillat — Appreciative Of Corrosion of Conformity — Scrub My Wounds Cotton eyed joe Crossfade- Unfeeling (Acoustic) Cupids Chokehold -Breakfast in Damien Rice — 9 crimes Daniel Powter — Bad Day Daughty — 4 Household (Acoustic) Dave Mathews Two Commence To Act Detachable Penis Dexy's Midnight Runners — Come On Eileen Dire Condition- well off for nothing Dishwalla — Counting Lewd Cars (Acoustic) Mad — Voices DJ Agile- Tonite Dont Be Shy (Ed Vedder) Dont Disagree the felling (too knee-pants) Dont Know Why eagle eye cherry- hold tonight (acoustic) Ed Sheeran -Ashamed Put Away Edwyn collins — a maiden like you Eels — Novacaine For The Mortal Ellie Goulding -Lights Elmer Bernstien -Stripes crucial essence.(m4r)* Eminem -The Horribleness Evanescence — Produce Me To Survival (Acoustic Persist) Evanescence — Going Under (Acoustic) Evanescence-hearing me when you are collected [acoustic] Evans Lewd — Brush The Hang Down Evans Lewd- beg (persist) Evans Lewd -over (persist) Eve 6 - Heart Out Everything But the Maiden- Missing Fastball — Out Of My Steer Flobots- Sponsor Up Flowbots -Handlebars intro General Public Implosion — Bastard One Provocation — (acoustic) Fun -We are teenaged Gary Jules -Mad Men Ghostbusters Essence Gin Blossoms — Hey Jealousy Gnarls Barkley — 2 Of Them Blonde Earring — Radar Sweet Gomez — Rex Kramer Goo Goo Dolls — I'm Still Here (Persist Acoustic) Gorillaz -Feel In One's Bones Personal Property Inc. Felicity in Captivity(NIN) Harvey Peril — Flagpole Sitta Here's To the official (Ed Vedder) Handicap- Lips of an Angel (Acoustic) Hollywood Undead- No 5 Hong Kong Phooey Hoobastank — The Perspicacity Hot Hot Stimulation — get in or get out Distress -Joyousness I might be incorrect (Radiohead) If I were gay Create Dragons — Radioactive Incubus — Headlining (Acoustic) Intro Line Miami (KRS-One) Intwine — Cheery (Dominate Account) Jamie Cullum — and Dry Jason Mraz -I wont forsake up Jerry Cantrell — Cut You In John Mayer -FreeFalling (Persist) Johnny Banknotes -Folsom Brig Blues (Persist) Kelly Clarkson- Because Of You (Acoustic MTV Persist) Kielbasa (the d) Kroll accompany intro K's Pick — Im Not An Admirer Kung Fu Fighting Last (NIN) Led Zeppelin- Migrant Inexpensively Led Zeppelin -Kashmir Len- Prowl My Sunshine Leonard Cohen -Lover, Lover, Lover Les Chants Joyeaux Lifehouse — Hanging By A Stage (Acoustic) Lifehouse — Narrate (Acoustic) Linkin Leave -Bleed it out lisa loeb — set-back i missed you (acoustic) Lo Fidelity Allstars — Battleflag (Uncensored) Forsake 5- one more edge of night Forsake 5 -Payphone Matchbox 20 - bullyrag (acoustic) matchbox 20-unwell (acoustic) Matisyahu — Crowned Head Without A Dominion Meant To Persist [Acoustic] Men without hats- Safeness Hoof It Monty Python — FCC Inexpensively Snappy Blues — Nights In Immaculate Satin (Persist At 2 Meter Sessies) More than words (acoustic) Urban Court () Day-Dream -Period is continual out My barmy Way In end My barmy way in start Nickelback- How You Cue Me Nickelback- Savin me Nine Days — (Plot Outline Of A Maiden) (Acoustic) Numa Numa One More coup d'oeil Our lady truce — ungraceful (acoustic) Dismay at the Disco — I Erase Sins Not Tragedies Phillip Phillips -Household Pink Floyd -Goodbye Lewd Sky Pink Floyd- The Footsteps End Pink Floyd -the footsteps start Revolver Hypnotize Expand (Be Ready For A Strait-Jacket against the auto) Poe- Trigger cheery jack Portishead- Celebrity box Portishead -Wandering Heavenly Body Puddle of mudd — blurry (acoustic) Rhymenocerous Hiphiphippotomus (Abscond of the Conchords) Right Said Fred- Im too Vulgar Take Wing Against -Swaying Survival Away Open Out Right Open Out Hearing (Be Ready For A Strait-Jacket against the auto) Ron Pope -A Bit In the Plethora Roof is on Intensity (Coal Judicature) Imperial Silhouettes (Acoustic) Sir mix alot -Full Hoof It Rap Sissyneck (Beck) Siverson Pickups -Slothful eye Beam (PJ) Soldier like me Mortal Coughing -Circles Mortal Coughing -Rolling Heavenly Body Wars -I am your old boy Heavenly Body Wars- I Am Your Old Boy.(m4r)* Stereo Hearts (Gym Refinement Heros) Stone house of worship pilots-swanky (acoustic) Styx- Domoto Arigato Mr. Roboto Heavenly — Cisco Kid Heavenly — New Inexpensively Heavenly — Bastard Employment Persistent In D -Classico The Appleseed Throw — Disagree Inexpensively The ballad of chasey lain The beer inexpensively The Breeders — Cannonball The profession — wherever you will go (acoustic) The Medication — Just Like The Blessed (acoustic) The Divinyls — I Taste Myself The Dresden Dolls — Chirp The Flobots- No Handlebars The Liquidate (Acoustic) The Killers — Mr. Brightside The Killers — Somebody Told Me The Killers — When You Were Teenaged The Survival and Times of Tim intro The red Jumpsuit Machinery- Physiognomy Down The survival horn — freshmen (acoustic) The Joyless (NIN) Miserliness Timmy Tinyhole Too Knee-Pants -I aint tripping -Extra Inexpensively Following -Muster Virginia Trapt — Headstrong [Acoustic] Tupac- Changes Turning Japanese ashamed Turning Japanese smaller Zelda Privilege Gauge