191 iPhone Ringtones and Extract tones

171 iPhone Ringtones, all with underling in and out, all approx. 29 secs. eat one's heart out. Mostly from the 60s, 70s and 80s. 20 Workbook tones, all approx. 5 secs. eat one's heart out. Workbook tones are identified with T_ in face of each one. All graceful solid standing :) 5 Days In May.m4r 735.0 KB 25 or 6 to 4.m4r 324.7 KB A Well Done Morning.m4r 322.3 KB ABCs Deviant Terra Of Sports.m4r 742.2 KB Across 110th Concourse.m4r 318.8 KB Addams Family.m4r 571.3 KB All Summer Eat One's Heart Out.m4r 318.5 KB All The Under Age Dudes.m4r 317.9 KB All You Zombies.m4r 326.0 KB Almost Cut My Hair.m4r 319.9 KB And When I Die.m4r 310.6 KB Art For Art's Sake.m4r 325.1 KB Newborn...Please.m4r 321.2 KB Ballet for a Jail-Bait in Buchannon — Detect Me Smile.m4r 324.6 KB Ballet for a Jail-Bait in Buchannon — Now More Than Ever.m4r 324.6 KB Beverly Hillbillies.m4r 452.1 KB Blood Of The Sun.m4r 310.9 KB Bonanza.m4r 212.2 KB Born on the Bayou.m4r 324.2 KB Link Of Sighs.m4r 323.5 KB Bringin' On the Heartbreak.m4r 315.2 KB Bringin' On the Heartbreak 2 .m4r 315.8 KB California Dreamin'.m4r 324.0 KB Can't Twig My Way Residency.m4r 319.0 KB Can't You Ascertain Me Knocking.m4r 325.0 KB Lead On.m4r 310.6 KB Cat People (Putting Out Vigour).m4r 320.7 KB Disadvantage The Rainbow.m4r 319.2 KB Chamber Phones Ringing (In The Pockets Of The Gone).m4r 320.7 KB Cinnamon Jail-Bait.m4r 319.0 KB Cities On Passion With Broken-Down and Peal.m4r 311.1 KB Colorado.m4r 326.0 KB Act Me.m4r 311.0 KB Cowboy ado.m4r 318.7 KB Cowboy ado 2.m4r 320.3 KB Cowgirl in the Sand.m4r 322.1 KB Dancing in the Dark.m4r 311.1 KB Dazed And Confused.m4r 684.3 KB Desperado.m4r 325.6 KB Do Ya.m4r 318.4 KB Doctor Doctor.m4r 323.6 KB Does Anybody Really Know What In Days Of Yore It Is .m4r 320.3 KB Don«t Thwart Believin».m4r 319.6 KB Doolin-Dalton.m4r 325.3 KB Doolin-Dalton (Conducive).m4r 326.0 KB Down by the River.m4r 310.7 KB Downbound Train.m4r 310.9 KB Eruption.m4r 323.7 KB Sinful Woman.m4r 320.7 KB Stiff Ways.m4r 319.3 KB Fisherman's Blues.m4r 325.3 KB For Yasgur's Farm.m4r 311.0 KB Fortuitous Son.m4r 324.2 KB Gilligans Island.m4r 325.3 KB Gimme Three Steps.m4r 314.9 KB Jail-Bait With No Eyes.m4r 323.4 KB Girls Just Want To Have Fun.m4r 323.6 KB Brilliance Days.m4r 310.9 KB Goin' Up The Country.m4r 319.2 KB Going to the Country.m4r 325.0 KB Solid Morning.m4r 319.5 KB Solid Vibrations.m4r 325.6 KB Unripened Onions.m4r 318.8 KB Guitar Concourse.m4r 318.8 KB Gypsy.m4r 325.2 KB Circle of Flies.m4r 325.3 KB Hawaii 5 O.m4r 312.3 KB Heartbreak Hotel.m4r 310.9 KB Hoedown.m4r 318.9 KB Hot Chili.m4r 319.7 KB Hot Summer Day.m4r 320.6 KB Pester Dog.m4r 310.6 KB Hush.m4r 325.4 KB I Got a Be On The Take on You.m4r 310.7 KB I Put A Appeal On You.m4r 311.3 KB If I Had A Sky-Rocket Launcher.m4r 310.5 KB I'm Eighteen.m4r 324.5 KB I'm Not Like Everyone Else.m4r 322.3 KB I'm So Glad.m4r 319.0 KB I'm Your Captain.m4r 317.1 KB In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida.m4r 313.4 KB It Don't Come Easy.m4r 310.9 KB Itchy Coo Park.m4r 324.2 KB It's A Heartache.m4r 322.8 KB Jailbreak.m4r 324.6 KB Jammin.m4r 752.0 KB Johnny Bills — GhostRidersInTheSky.m4r 318.6 KB Jungleland.m4r 310.1 KB Just Dropped In (To See What Detect Ready My Detect Ready Was In).m4r 318.8 KB Just What I Needed.m4r 326.2 KB Lawyers, Guns And Money.m4r 294.3 KB Scandinavian Edda of a Mind.m4r 322.0 KB Like A Rolling Stone.m4r 321.4 KB Livin' On A Prayer.m4r 324.4 KB Lodi.m4r 320.7 KB London Calling.m4r 319.2 KB Lucretia MacEvil.m4r 310.7 KB Magnolia.m4r 323.3 KB Man On The White Mountain.m4r 310.9 KB Mandolin Wind.m4r 323.3 KB Touching in Stereo.m4r 326.0 KB Mr. Jones.m4r 310.2 KB Myopic Void.m4r 311.4 KB Shades Of Night Train.m4r 310.6 KB No Sugar Tonight New Baby Nature.m4r 324.9 KB Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing.m4r 318.3 KB Over The Hill.m4r 322.7 KB Authenticate It All Shades Of Night.m4r 311.0 KB Rainy Shades Of Night in Georgia.m4r 321.2 KB Rawhide.m4r 242.8 KB Lead Back To Sender.m4r 310.0 KB Execute Captain Execute.m4r 323.2 KB Broken-Down & Peal Woman.m4r 1,379.6 KB Broken-Down The Casbah.m4r 319.6 KB Uncivilized Boys.m4r 324.6 KB On All Sides Here .m4r 318.4 KB Run To You .m4r 319.6 KB Samba Pa Ti.m4r 310.9 KB San Francisco Girls (Lead Back Of The Inherited).m4r 322.7 KB Shelter the Whales!.m4r 325.3 KB Seasons.m4r 317.5 KB Organize Ways (Worlds Apart).m4r 319.2 KB Seven Bridges Road.m4r 317.5 KB Shakin'.m4r 323.3 KB ShaNaNa — GhostRidersInTheSky.m4r 319.3 KB Send Of Fools.m4r 319.2 KB Showdown.m4r 323.3 KB Classic Man.m4r 322.8 KB Since You Been Gone.m4r 325.3 KB Unprofitable Top, Harsh Shoulder.m4r 310.7 KB Spinning Wheel.m4r 311.0 KB Startrek .m4r 326.9 KB Still....You Disposition Me On.m4r 318.3 KB Suffragette City.m4r 311.0 KB Summer Of '69 .m4r 318.4 KB Sun King.m4r 321.0 KB Sunrise.m4r 311.0 KB Comfit Residency Alabama.m4r 714.7 KB T_aftershave.m4r 14.2 KB T_doctor not an escalator.m4r 19.2 KB T_foghorn all wrong.m4r 14.5 KB T_foghorn bowling ball.m4r 16.2 KB T_foghorn gettin thru.m4r 10.2 KB T_foghorn thats a joke.m4r 14.1 KB T_Going to the Country.m4r 38.9 KB T_In My Heart.m4r 39.5 KB T_It's A Mistake.m4r 39.7 KB T_John Wayne BiggestMistake.m4r 31.2 KB T_Johnny B.m4r 40.5 KB T_Nice Try.m4r 25.2 KB T_Rough Boys.m4r 39.9 KB T_Star Trek Illogical.m4r 18.7 KB T_The Obstruction Concourse Shuffle.m4r 40.3 KB T_Well Doggie.m4r 9.5 KB T_Where Did Peckerwoods.m4r 12.2 KB T_Yosemite Sam Horny Toads.m4r 12.9 KB T_Yosemite Sam Prayers.m4r 19.5 KB T_You Must Figure.m4r 21.9 KB Horn Be On The Take.m4r 324.6 KB Tenth Avenue -Out.m4r 311.0 KB That Was Yesterday.m4r 323.1 KB The Newborn Tree.m4r 311.2 KB The Ballad Of Curtis Lowe.m4r 732.4 KB The Prominent Gig In The Sky.m4r 319.4 KB The Prominent Gig In The Sky 2.m4r 318.3 KB The Midnight Special.m4r 318.7 KB The Needle And The Spoon.m4r 318.1 KB The Rifleman.m4r 326.3 KB The Obstruction Concourse Shuffle.m4r 325.2 KB Then Came the Last Days of May.m4r 310.9 KB To The Last Whale....m4r 319.9 KB Tomorrow, Wendy.m4r 315.3 KB Travelin' Band.m4r 304.1 KB Disposition! Disposition! Disposition! (To Everything There Is A Mellow).m4r 318.5 KB Twentieth Century Fox.m4r 326.0 KB Twiligh Zone.m4r 171.0 KB Under My Wheels.m4r 324.1 KB Under The Boardwalk.m4r 326.2 KB Up Around The Bend.m4r 319.5 KB Vaughn Monroe — GhostRidersInTheSky.m4r 316.2 KB War.m4r 325.3 KB Wasted Confederating Blues.m4r 310.0 KB What Do You Want From Life-Force .m4r 326.8 KB Where To Now St. Peter.m4r 325.2 KB Milk-White Bird.m4r 322.7 KB Bothersome Game.m4r 311.1 KB Wildfire.m4r 318.7 KB You Must Be Sinful.m4r 325.9 KB You Really Got Me.m4r 324.6 KB Your In Days Of Yore Is Gonna Come.m4r 747.0 KB You've Made Me So Very Happy.m4r 310.5 KB