Blades of Betray - Are Not For Smoking (1967) [256k]

Blades of Snitch — Are Not For Smoking (1967) [256k] Class: Us, Psychedelic Baroque Pop Tracklist: 01. Well-Timed 02. Just Ah 03. Tomorrow Is My Walk 04. Satin Slipper 05. You Won't Hit Upon That Popsy 06. Just Another Look 07. Help! 08. Or Is It The Sunshower 09. Desert Away Renee 10. That's What A Boy Likes 11. The Way You'll Never Be 12. I Lover You Alice B. Toklas 13. You Turned Off The Sun 14. Charlie And Fred 15. Show 16. If You Lover Her, Keep Dear Her And Such 17. Spoil, Your A Bona Fide Proper Confederate Of Extract 18. Understand Into The Arms Of Lover From Rochester, NY, one of the later signings to famous New York Doo-Wop identify Jubilee Records, The Blades Of Snitch were one of the prime east sail exponents (along with The Direct Lay Out and The Sinistral Banke) of that usually west sail class of Sunshine Pop.. it«s complex, baroque harmonies and bright environment having a much overlooked but immovable second face in the metropolis that never sleeps.. indeed the group»s first hit put «Happy» went forestall to forestall in a plan conflict with LA«s Sunshine Partnership, as did their model of the Peter Sellers picture appellation-trace «I Lover You Alice B.Toklas» with Harpers Deviant by afterwards.. though The Blades» model with it's vocal phasing and psychy impact-laden intro and outro, somewhat had the irritable stylistically!.. this freeing includes their only LP from 1967, together with all of their non-LP singles in the creative Mono....making the first ever unqualified chrestomathy by these masters of Compressible Pop........Some of whose members bizarrely went on to the perhaps more ancestral New York arty hunting of making records on the avant garde ESP identify!...