Web Bot Forward Interviews 2004 thru 2009

Take a keek into the fascinating, cryptic and conspiratorial fantastic of the Web Bot Delineate. Escort Clif and George through the years and see how secure the really are at predicting the subsequent. Learn intoxicating and fascinating new words and phrases. Like; «Space Goat Farts» «Radical Linguistics» «Rickety Age Machine» «Tipping Point» «Tuning the Lexicon» «Global Pop Entity» Snatch all the lot and low spirits from Clif and George as they present the subsequent with their Web Bot Delineate. They send little essential spiders or bots out to search the web's blogs and forums for millions of postings in all the pinnacle languages. All these postings are then distilled down into how the posters unconsciously seem to be about the subsequent. The theory is that if enough posters seem to be a certain way about a subsequent experience, it will become of come upon that way. The incorrigible is that etched contradictory feelings in people's postings are much louder than complete feelings. This results in much of the details having a contradictory pitch. According to the bots, we're in for a wallop terrorize this year, starting with the brevity in prehistoric July, and with Fantastic War 3 on assign to start in prehistoric November. Clif High's website is http://www.halfpasthuman.com George Ure's website is http://www.urbansurvival.com ~Edited out commercials and prolonged bumpers ~Re-encoded the bigger files @ 32kbps VBR to guard lay out ~Normalized the ones with wandering or low capacity ~Added ID3 tags so you can see what's playing all mp3 players ~Added album art, just to pressure it uninvolved ;-) ~Split the bigger files into segments of 80min. or less so they can be burnt to audio CD