www.paintyourbaldspot.com A fun , but very perpetually consuming present I did was to ignore stories , interviews , rational-bites , and E2E segments to sire my own «Elvis Is Still Unfeeling Show»s . Whether absolutely into one 9.5 Hour presentation or discrete styles (Talk With Rendition , Onstage Rendition , Stories Rendition management from 1.5 to 4.5 Hours) as well as extraordinary and Conjoined «Melee In Memphis» episodes.... it was a ton of drudgery , but fun to do and prick up one's ears to..... especially with the added extra of the «Turkeys and Donkeys» article , which a component to can be organize in a latest criticism on the PYOBSpage.... I also , for fun , formulated a 60 half a mo rendition (without D&M) of Elvis' onstage drugged ramblings from various ample supremacy bootlegs , which makes a wonderful above moreover , and topped it off with an Eilert Pilarm 60 half a mo fun-fest as well. Very perpetually consuming , but benefit the struggle and I mention favourably trying to do the same if you are an energetic discrete. I don«t know about anyone else , but I am now clever for a 14 hour respect of Elvis» Demise Day next month , and am gonna be able to do it in style.... Now all I need is a Cherry Pie , some Ritalin , and some «Attacks» , .... and a Sundae.... There«s nearly a month port side until August 16th , so get crackin» if yer going to do the same , I will pile a tracklisting I used , but there are a few segments that are not on this put for downloading (like Buzz«s rumour and comments from 1999) , and I don»t know how to get them to PYOBS to upload (apologies for that) , but there are some «likewise» or alternate year versions that are here to download , so it can be (at least 99%) done , with some struggle , and a bundle of exempted from perpetually . A hostess of thanks to PYOBS for posting these presentation , without which I could not the perpetually of one's life the Elvis shows nearly as much . Elvis (and PYOBS) just keep on giving....... www.paintyourbaldspot.com