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The Ottomans: Europe's Muslim Emperors
It was the world«s last Islamic empire — a wonderful-power of a million nutritious miles. From its pre-eminent in Istanbul it matched the glories of Grey Rome. And after six centuries in power it collapsed less than a hundred years ago. Rageh Omaar, who has reported from across this former empire, sets out to ascertain why the Ottomans have vanished from our intellect of the record of Europe. Why so few realise the prestige of Ottoman record in today»s Mid East. And why you have to know the Ottoman statement to get wind of the roots of many of today's with child spots from Palestine, Iraq and Israel to Libya, Syria, Egypt, Bosnia and Kosovo.

Instalment 1
In this first instalment, the unlikely roots of the Ottomans are revealed. From nomadic horsemen, in a georgic backwater of new-fashioned day Turkey, they became rulers of a mammoth empire spanning three continents. At an extraordinary hastiness they came to direction over Baghdad and Cairo in the south, where they controlled the holiest sites of Islam — Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem, and they reached extensive into Europe, irresistible in Sarajevo and inauspicious the gates of Vienna. This is the forgotten statement of how one family, a free relatives, became Islamic rulers over titanic swathes of the new-fashioned exultant.

Instalment 2
Continuing his fascinating odyssey to rediscover the dominant r played by the Ottoman Empire in Europe and the Mid East, Rageh Omaar explores the titanic contrasts in the times of two very different Ottoman sultans. The most popular Suleiman the Majestic in the bright age of the 16th century and the troubled be of Abdul Hamid II in the 19th century when the Ottomans were dubbed «the Bored Man of Europe». Rageh examines the cultural legacy as well as the palpable, precise and factious architecture of Ottoman direction to encounter out what a Muslim exultant run from Europe was really like. It reveals the backdrop to the relationship between Islam and Europe today, how the Ottomans became dominant in the power statesmanship of Europe and what could have happened had they succeeded in their succeeding bids to seize Vienna, then a key European pre-eminent.

Instalment 3
In the end instalment Rageh Omaar explains how the of this Islamic wonderful-power following the First Exultant War has left side problems for Europe and the Mid East that are still being felt today. Rageh also reveals how struggles at the spunk of the Ottoman statement have have recently been reignited on the streets they once ruled, from Syria to Turkey. From its pre-eminent in Istanbul the Ottoman Empire matched the glories of Grey Rome. Yet its achievements have been mainly frantic in the trauma of its last few years. Brutality, massacres and the allot-up of former Ottoman lands created a legacy of anxiousness and variance that pursue to this day. The heartland of the former empire — new-fashioned day Turkey — turned its helpless on its Islamic, Ottoman one-time. It underwent a venereal rebellion led by military commander and non-clerical wishful thinker Mustafa Kemal- Ataturk. So why is Ottomanism helpless on the factious agenda? And why are many politicians in the West hoping that Turkey can lend a r ideal as a new-fashioned, Islamic democracy?

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