UFO_News_24Apr2013 xvid avi Sirius Big enh plus Extras, Interviews

UFO_News_24Apr2013 xvid avi Sirius Motion Picture enh plus Extras, Interviews

Ok I Put together my converts with many extras concerning the
SIrius Motion Picture release

I firm a mp4 (zoomed in) and converted to 720x400p
with a 1000bitrate and mp3 cbr 128 and its all in sync from what
I could see randomly checkly throughout

I have to say theres lots of bloodline interviews and footage we have already
seen in other docus like out of the dismal and greatest statement every denied

with some new serenity of him presenting on the boards and his tours out in
the desert.. I speculation you got to pull down a living somehow :)

cant see why they charged for it when says on face was made with donations

Also that note taken from youtube on at no cost dynamism is the worse ive seen

the 2 coils with magnets and bulb lighting.. its been declared
confidence man. what it is is wireless power tesla developed .. if you place
a tesla col under the comestible or sit under 10000 volt power lines
and retain a coil.. it will prompt a in the air and can up things
you can even apprehend ghetto-blaster waves from ghetto-blaster and style it into power
theres no riddle there and its not at no cost.. however there are geniune
experiments with unreservedly fusion producing 1kilowatts of power and over unity
projects using steady and electro magnets that seem plausible

anyhow enough dribble. I wont shore contents as can click document tab
to hit upon out

also note I will only be posting torrents on TPB from now on

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