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Duplicate Olympic gold medallist James Cracknell, TV presenter Ben Fogle and Doctor Ed Coats fight in one of the world’s greatest challenges – the 2009 get a move on to the South Mast — the first organised get a move on since Scott and Amundsen almost 100 years ago.

The question they physiognomy is massive: a 500 mile grumpy mother country skiing get a move on to the South Mast, on the windiest, coldest, highest and driest continent in the world; winds of almost 50 and 100mph, immutable clarity, temperatures as low as minus 50ºc and a steadily increasing altitude up to the close of 4,000m.

If that wasn’t enough, they must receptive to each other’s associates, day in and day out, for up to 45 days. And on top of that, they have to procession their bodies to physiognomy the harshest conditions known to man, take out a sled behind them weighing almost 170lbs, be forgotten by true crevasses, rubbish their bodies with over 6,000 calories a day, and ski for up to 18 hours a day.

Have they got what it takes to win the race?

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After an utmost start to the get a move on, TV presenter Ben Fogle, Olympian James Cracknell and doctor Ed Coats are recovering at the halfway checkpoint after arriving in second home, just behind their get a move on rivals, the Norwegians. After 24 hours of enforced sack out, they're checked over by the get a move on doctor and given the all settle to start again.

The crew noodle out, hot on the heels of the Norwegians. They start out well, racing difficult in the physiognomy of temperatures that are dropping to minus 40 degrees centrigrade and below. Within days, however, the utmost conditions start to take a rickety ring on the crew, with both Ben and James succumbing to frostbite. After a particularly difficult and frosty day, they establish down hook — James is almost at the spike of no exchange, and the crew have to peter out initially and take a serious criticize of their situation.

They noodle off again, but only to determine themselves in every hibernal explorer«s worst nightmare: a ravine lawn. With each have, they hazard falling through the airy snow bridges that hide the secret risk below. Their only be forgotten by avenue now is to reach the South Mast as without delay as possible, and after another nine days of boorish and unrelenting man-hauling, they reach the devour boundary at the Mast. The men are burnt-out and on their last legs, but they»ve achieved their conjure up — to get a move on to the South Mast as a crew of three.

Rls Companion : 26 July 2009
Air Companion : 27 July 2009
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Species : Documentary


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