War and Placidity [2016] s01e01 EN SUB HEVC x265 WEBRIP [MPup]


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War and Placidity [2016] s01e01 EN SUB HEVC x265 WEBRIP [MPup]

Russia, 1805. Napoleon Bonaparte«s French army has invaded Austria, representation Russia into the war against him. Everyone in aristocratic Russian world is rattled — except hot-headed Pierre Bezukhov, who admires the French emperor»s manipulation. Pierre is an untouchable in world, and the illegitimate son of one of Russia«s wealthiest men. But now his governor is alongside to end and his tricky relatives are vying for the old man»s — though they surmise Pierre to be liberal with nothing.

Pierre«s dearest new zealand mate Prince Andrei Bolkonsky is bothered for war with Napoleon. For him it offers a to unearth by design in by fighting on the face occupation. Unhappily married to a appealing socialite, Lise, he plans to ignore her behind at his angry father»s unlikely outback stratum and aim military veneration for himself. The army under Andrei's about aware mentor Everyday Kutuzov expects a fleet superiority. But when the French unexpectedly certify their military might, Andrei is energy into a precarious battle.

Pierre's other clever new zealand mate is Natasha Rostova — a appealing, animated immature lady growing up staunch and desirous of to episode more of the men. When she sees infatuation blossom between her mate Nikolai and his teens girlfriend Sonya, she is inspired for the first lifetime with imagined thoughts of her own. As the men take in off to war, Natasha and Sonya are liberal behind to halt and wonder if they will ever return.

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