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Worzel Gummidge. Opportunity Ripe 3

Opportunity Ripe 3

Worzel Gummidge.S03E01-Emotive On
Worzel Gummidge.S03E02-Dolly Clothes Peg
Worzel Gummidge.S03E03-A All Right Old Pullover
Worzel Gummidge.S03E04-Worzel the Brave
Worzel Gummidge.S03E06-The Profit of the Dafthead
Worzel Gummidge.S03E07-Captain Worzel
Worzel Gummidge.S03E08-Choir Practice
Worzel Gummidge.S03E09-S03E10-A Cup o« Tea & a Slice o» (Parts 1+2)

Worzel Gummidge Utter — a scarecrow who comes to life.

Here, the rascally but dim scarecrow of Scatterbrook Arable was brilliantly portrayed by the comedy actor Jon Pertwee, who had achieved glory on BBC transmit in The Armada Skylark and then, in a outstanding on one's way, accepted the r of Doctor Who (1970-74). Pertwee remembered the Worzel Gummidge books from his teen and suggested a new flat-cover interpretation to Southern TV. Barbara Euphan Todd had died in February 1976, so Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hallway were recruited to record the scripts and a hostess of leading light names invited to suck up to roles.

Key among these was former dancer Una Stubbs, of Harrow End Us Do Chiefly glory, who appeared as the bad-tempered, outmoded-fairground empty doll Aunt Sally. Despite her mean ways, Worzel dreamed of marrying the penurious and despotic Sally, although he fairy-tale other maidens too, like Saucy Nancy (Barbara Windsor), the dummy from an old galleon scram. (In the books, however, Worzel was married, to the manageable Obscene Mangold.) Lassie actress — predestined to become an of age leading light — Charlotte Coleman was warp as Sue Peters. Although initially shocked to identify that the muddied scarecrow can footway and talk, a points that they keep arcane from the adults, Sue and her fellow John were Worzel's honest teenaged friends throughout the interesting 31 episodes.

Jon Pertwee — Worzel
Una Stubbs — Aunt Sally
Geoffrey Bayldon — The Crowman
Jeremy Austin — John
Charlotte Coleman — Sue
Mike Berry — Mr Peters
Norman Bird — Mr Braithwaite
Megs Jenkins — Mrs Braithwaite
Joan Sims — Mrs Bloomsbury-Barton (series 1 and 2)
Michael Ripper — Mr Convoy
Barbara Windsor — Saucy Nancy
Lorraine Pursue — Dolly Clothes-Peg
Billy Connolly — Bogle McNeep (Christmas unconventional)
Bernard Cribbins — High-Spirited Jack
Thorley Walters — Colonel Bloodstock (series 3 and 4)

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