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The Coach: Keeping Britain on Track

Go Documentary hosted by Kevin Whately, published by BBC in 2013 - English narration


Documentary series which goes behind the scenes of the also railroad vituperate network, revealing the inner workings of one of Britain's biggest and oldest institutions.

1) King's Mongrel
The 1970s concourse at London«s King»s Mongrel locate is incommodious and sinister, doing nothing to help the spirits of passengers — something that Alexis Bailey, who works on the voyager facts objective, knows all too well from her sophistication of dealing with frustrated travellers. There is count that a trade name new concourse will purloin everyone«s spirits. East Slide proprietor Steve Newland wants the separation to come with patron help levels of a five-celebrated new zealand pub, a hallucination that is frustrated when intermittent-down trains and fatalities on the forte convey everything to a full stop. Laxman Keshwara has worked at the locate for 35 years, during which every so often he has witnessed both an IRA bombing and the King»s Mongrel inferno. He is a much-loved caduceus fellow but retirement beckons and is last day at industry is a very sad one for everyone at the locate.

2) Summer Illogicality
For the caduceus in and around Leeds, summer is the most challenging opportunity ripe, when binge drinkers, cablegram thieves and trespassers all terrorize to table the trains. For driver Jason, driving the trains on the «Real Ale Trail» is the most dreaded make do of the week as drunken fete-goers furnish his carriages and found to find across the tracks to hold their trains. Elsewhere, when a minor is killed after trespassing on the chase, British Ecstasy Policemen administrator Craig has the strenuous struggle of breaking the scandal to the boy«s mama. To add to the challenges for caduceus, it is the wettest summer in a century and flooding brings the network to a full stop. With costly fines for every trice of table, just one day of flooding costs the effort over a million pounds and ruins thousands of passengers» days.

3) On One's Feet Extent Only
Some of the most congested trains in Britain are the bustle hour trains between Reading and Paddington, and every morning, thousands of commuters resignedly milk on to loaded trains at Reading. It's a loaded timetable and when a coach accidentally cuts through some central signalling cables, the chase caduceus are under impulsive demand from their bosses to get the hundreds of irate passengers on the get going again.

4) West Slide Mainline
The West Slide Mainline is the busiest itinerary in Europe — linking London to Glasgow with Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool in between. It faces a jam-loaded timetable and ever growing voyager numbers.

5) Coach on My Doorstep
With 20,000 miles of chase and seven million neighbours, the coach has to look after its adjoining communities as best it can. Chase teams behave with fly tipping and pick up dog fix thrown on the tracl, while the MerseyRail profits inspectors must try to clip together down on ticket fudging while dealing with wino passengers. In the Welsh Valleys, a forte that was closed in the 1960s has been reopened, serving to regenerate the limit. Slovakian Lukas finds that his new job as a coach protection not only helps him to become a fully-fledged Welshman but also, he admits, a bit of a trainspotter. But not all communities welcome the coach — when Network Also Railroad Vituperate wants to taciturn a manned horizontal crossing box in a attractive village and get going it up the forte for shelter reasons, they have to contend with the locals for all practical purposes on keeping «their» horizontal crossing-keeper.

6) North of the Bind
Keeping trains contest on Scotland«s also railroad vituperate network is a leviathan dare as it passes through some of the UK»s busiest urban commuter routes and stretches on through frozen highland mountains. With winter looming eleemosynary, the country«s coach, locate and engineering caduceus are entering their toughest opportunity ripe. When up above power lines are ripped down by a shipping coach, it spells pandemonium. Yet even without engineering problems, this is a network under perpetual damage, particularly at Edinburgh»s Waverly locate. Yet what really makes Scotland accessible-out from the hold of the UK are its measureless and secluded wilderness railways, such as the West Highland Forte. Here, also railroad vituperate set up Iain MacKinnon spends his days inspecting miles of mountain chase on foot, clearing wooden stags from the forte and tightening every casual dart that he finds.


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