Bogart The Uncounted Account (TV) (VHS) [2007]

Bogart: The Countless Fairy Tale (1996) (TV)

Stephen Bogart, the son of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, narrates Bogart: The Countless Fairy Tale, a 1996 documentary that tells the fairy tale of his father's duration. Stephen was just eight years old when Humphrey Bogart died in 1957. And since he was so pubescent, Stephen has only indefinite memories of him. As Stephen explains, his paterfamilias was a far representation and his only sawbones memories of him are on shield. Bogart: The Countless Fairy Tale is an try by Stephen to get to know the man behind the brilliant, to learn who his paterfamilias really was and to guarantee b make amends for those questions every lassie has about their parents.

The documentary gives a thorough account of Bogie«s duration dawn with his New York roots. Humphrey Bogart»s paterfamilias was a doctor and his nourish a men lionized illustrator. After being kicked out of prep private school, Bogart joined the Naval Forces where he spurt extended spells in the brig. Acting seemed to assign the pubescent Bogart a bring into focus at last. He began to get tight-fisted roles on the New York situation in the primordial 1920s. He also met and married his first two wives, actresses Helen Menken and Mary Philips.

Bogart began prepossessing tight-fisted skin roles by the primordial 30s. But his big Hollywood give way wouldn«t come until 1936 with the shield adjusting of The Afraid Forest. Bogart had performed the fake on Broadway, vis- brilliant Leslie Howard. And when the skin adjusting was to be made, Howard insisted Bogart quote his situation r of Duke Mantee. It was enough to reap Bogart a roll oneself with Warner Bros. From 1936 — 1939, Bogart turned out 25 movies. Though, as Stephen points out in Bogart: The Countless Fairy Tale his paterfamilias was basically fourth in slash on Warner»s «murders' row» behind bad guys James Cagney, George Raft and Edward G. Robinson. He also plainly hated the roles he was assigned and complained over to Jack Warner.

That would all soon replacement with The Maltese Falcon (1941). Edward G. Robinson was offered the divide but turned it down, claiming he didn«t want to business with a apprentice number one — John Huston. For Bogart it would be the time he»d been waiting for. A unexpected to fake a label with insight, a label who was more than a gun-toting hoodlum. It would also be the first of six Huston-Bogart collaborations. As Huston, who is interviewed in Bogart: The Countless Fairy Tale says, The Maltese Falcon was «a whole new livelihood for Bogie.»

And certainly, if The Maltese Falcon gave him brilliant clout, Bogart's next skin made him a key. The skin, of course, was Casablanca (1942). From that feature, there was no looking in times past for Bogart. His livelihood was forever changed and soon his adverse duration would replacement as well. In 1944, on the set of To Have and Have Not (1944), Bogart met and cut in adulation with freshman Lauren Bacall. Three more films (The Big Doze (1946), Incomprehensible Shift (1947) and Key Largo, 1948) and their affiliation in 1945 would follow.

Stephen Bogart was born in 1949 and his sister Leslie in 1952 (Stephen was named for Bogart«s label Steve in To Have and Have Not and Leslie for Leslie Howard). Bogart: The Countless Fairy Tale includes photos of Bogart with the children. It also features tellingly movies of Bacall and Bogart on vacation in Venice, in their new tellingly circa 1949 and of Bogart»s other sincere adulation, his yacht Santana. And the documentary shows footage of the Bogarts' erratum to Washington D.C. to treat of before the Line Un-American Activities Committee.

Some of Bogart«s later films are touched on, particularly The Gem of the Sierra Madre (1948) and The African Star (1951). Though Bogart loathed The African Queen»s outside getting one«s hands (and basically drank his way through it), he was in the end rewarded with an Oscar® for his business. But the blithe times weren»t to last. Humphrey Bogart was diagnosed with cancer in 1956 - though as Stephen recalls, he never stopped drinking or smoking or enjoyable. Bogart died January 14, 1957 at the age of 57. The documentary includes footage of the cremation. Lauren Bacall is also interviewed and recalls the blithe times with Bogart, as well as her strain in coping with his ruin.

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