B-Daman Crossfire Flavour 1 Round Out 720p WEBRip AAC2 0 H 264

 B-Daman Crossfire — Seasoned 1 - Concluded (WEBRip — 720p)
Riki Ryugasaki, a schoolboy who lives in the township of East Municipality in the year 20XX,
can be a bit of an airhead at times, has a perk up persona and dreams of being
an mercenary when he grows up. When a girl and classmate named Sumi Inaba takes
him to a B-Daman affair, Riki«s move is sparked. His objet d»art deepens when he
hears an urban saga about a private B-Daman contest that is beneficent only to a
selected aggregation of players. While Riki remains a bit skeptical, he cannot hold the line against
the advise to analyse the riddle behind B-Daman.
Produced by TV Tokyo and d-rights.
Organization: Matroska Video March (MKV)
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1280x720 30.000fps
Audio: MPEG4 Audio (AAC) 44100Hz stereo
S01E01 - Did you say... B-Daman? [159 MB — 21m 07s]
S01E02 - Stick Around a Half A Mo! He's the Protagonist!? [163 MB — 21m 02s]
S01E03 - B-Animals? What are those? [174 MB — 21m 32s]
S01E04 - West Municipality, Here We Come! [191 MB — 21m 21s]
S01E05 - The Name's Leo! Roar Leo! [191 MB — 21m 40s]
S01E06 - Be On The Same Wavelength Up! Roar Dracyan! [182 MB — 21m 32s]
S01E07 - Red Dragon? Who is that Guy? [171 MB — 21m 39s]
S01E08 - Dragon Tiger Combo! Hefty Dragren! [188 MB — 21m 35s]
S01E09 - This is Breach Bomber!? [158 MB — 21m 00s]
S01E10 - Camping, B-Try Kind! [208 MB — 21m 40s]
S01E11 - Fraternity Breach Bomber! [188 MB — 21m 40s]
S01E12 - The East Champ is Revealed! [169 MB — 21m 40s]
S01E13 - Crowning the Overall Champ! [204 MB — 21m 20s]
S01E14 - Crossfire is... Can it be True? [193 MB — 21m 17s]
S01E15 - The Superlative Jaku [188 MB — 21m 22s]
S01E16 - Employment All New B-Shots! [178 MB — 21m 15s]
S01E17 - The Unreasonable, Unreasonable West GP! [195 MB — 20m 29s]
S01E18 - Fierce Unpleasant Blizzard Fray [177 MB — 21m 21s]
S01E19 - The Riddle of the Ruins [203 MB — 21m 09s]
S01E20 - Upon Dragold! The North Excellent Prix! [218 MB — 21m 13s]
S01E21 - Smash Dragold! [171 MB — 21m 21s]
S01E22 - The Search for the Curious B-Daman! [178 MB — 20m 58s]
S01E23 - The Utmost Hammer Smash [208 MB — 21m 12s]
S01E24 - Examine Out! Rudy's Run Amok! [174 MB — 21m 22s]
S01E25 - The Concluded Dragon Regent! [205 MB — 21m 13s]
S01E26 - This is it! The Concluding Peer! [225 MB — 21m 03s] 

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