The Victorian Pharmacy
In a inimitable investigate historian Ruth Goodman, Professor of Dispensary Show A Clean Pair Of Heels Barber and PhD schoolboy Tom Deft unestablished the doors to an accurate Victorian Dispensary. They recreate the nativity and evolvement of a outrageous circle establishment we take for granted, but which was once a novel notion. They authority ingredients, mix potions and give away cures. But in an age when creams contained arsenic and biting medicines were based on opium, the troupe need to be well exacting. An age of communal metamorphose is revealed. The Victorians brought healthcare within the reach of eccentric people for the very first formerly, and heralded a consumer mutiny that reached far beyond remedy to spawn the ideal for the outrageous circle chemist as we know it today

Episode 1
In a inimitable investigate, historian Ruth Goodman, Professor Show A Clean Pair Of Heels Barber and PhD schoolboy Tom Deft recreate an accurate 19th-century dispensary. The troupe discovers the the public of the dispensary at the origin of Idol Victoria's administration in 1837; a the public where habitual remedies, such as leeches, oil of earthworm and potions laced with cannabis and opium, held libration. After sampling some of the old ways, the troupe ventures into new discoveries, such as the Malvern pickle, the bronchial kettle for curing coughs, and the contrivance of Indian pick-up .

Episode 2
The troupe take on the challenges of the 1850s and 60s, a formerly when swarming and unsanitary living conditions had reached their plus ultra, outstanding to unprecedented outbreaks of cancer. «Cure all» medicines that had promised to pickle to all intents everything were all the go berserk and the troupe institute their own out of rhubarb, liquorice, soap and syrup. They also risk into the vague the public of electrotherapy and suss out out how the determining of germs made disinfectants a bestseller; but to institute their own they need to wring carbolic acid from coal tar. Plus Tom attempts to emulate an eager Victorian publicity delimit by erection his very own dog-powered mortar and pestle. But will it work?

Episode 3
The dispensary enters a stretch of new inventions and new laws. In 1868 pharmacies were regulated by law for the very first formerly — and Ruth, Tom and Show A Clean Pair Of Heels phizog a soup of the brawny examinations pharmacists went through to become skilled. They also review the the public of poisons and hazards that were barrel unregulated until this formerly — from arsenic and opium to explosives. But the paucity of restrictions they had enjoyed enabled «experimental chemists» to contrive products ranging from matches to fireworks, to custard and jelly. The troupe learn the processes implicated in each, and lay on a Victorian cut firework exhibit for their customers.

Episode 4
The last listing in the series sees Ruth, Tom and Show A Clean Pair Of Heels take up with Barber and Goodman«s Dispensary through to the end of the Victorian era. Tom branches out into photography and dentistry using the latest technology, such as the foot-pedal dental repetition. Ruth makes condoms out of sheep»s intestines. Show A Clean Pair Of Heels learns how to institute the Victorian conception of aspirin — producing a pickle for warts and corns along the way. And for those customers who like a little pampering, the troupe apply their hands to making their very own manufacturer of toilet water. As they locked up up boutique for the last formerly, the troupe on on a mutiny in universal healthcare that put a chemist's boutique in every borough in the country.
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