F1 - Spice 2000 - AVI - [[OptimusPr1me]]


F1 - Spice 2000 - AVI — [[OptimusPr1me]]
Schumacher celebrating another superiority in 2000

So, Ferrari can be idle at last, its countless millions have yielded the drivers' ownership for the first interval since 1979 when Jody Scheckter won. And who more proper to tutor b introduce them the immortality they have sought so passionately than Michael Schumacher?

The first Ferrari to excite a driver to the drivers« ownership since the 312T4 did the peculiarity for Jody Scheckter in 1979, the F1-2000 was a Ross Brawniness-Rory Byrne evolution from the F310B. With the all-new 049 V10 motor, a narrowed-down chassis and the same dear nose, it was a champion in Michael Schumacher»s hands, surroundings his dare rolling with three plumb wins. He was to succeed six more, with Rubens Barrichello using his to succeed his first ever win in the German Celebrated Prix. Other standard Ferrari features of the interval included «periscope» exhausts, one of the many improvements over its forefather, the F399.

Schumacher was brought in to Ferrari in 1996 on the sport«s largest retainer with one aim: to abstain from the get its 10th drivers» ownership. However, it was no gentle quantity. Apart from Barrichello swapping rides with Eddie Irvine, with the Ulsterman leaving Ferrari for the Stewart get that was rebadged as Jaguar, the top two teams had strange reliability in personnel.

Williams had signed 20-year-old Jenson Button plumb from Modus Operandi Three and changed its Supertec engines for ones from the returning BMW. Another get that had ditched Supertec engines was BAR, go for a second year with Honda engines. Arrows took up one of the Supertec deals and brought in Jos Verstappen. Jordan signed Jarno Trulli from Prost to succeed Damon Hill, with Prost signing Jean Alesi and Defect Heidfeld to succeed Trulli and Olivier Panis.

As for the earlier two years, the struggle for honours was between Ferrari and McLaren, and honours looked set for McLaren when the spice kicked off at Melbourne, with Hakkinen and Coulthard on the fa row. But both McLarens dead and Schumacher led Barrichello welcoming comfortable with for a Ferrari one-two. Specifically, third area went to Ralf Schumacher, the BMW in his Williams stronger than people had been led to believe. Perhaps the largest yell was from the BAR pit, as they put their place emphasis on-accessible introduction spice behind them with Jacques Villeneuve fourth and Ricardo Zonta sixth.

Ferrari«s fancy start continued when Hakkinen retired from the about at Interlagos, with Coulthard disqualified from second, handing the area to Benetton»s Giancarlo Fisichella in advance of Jordan«s Heinz-Harald Frentzen and Trulli, with Button scoring in only his second follow horse-races. Better still, Schumacher then pommel the McLarens equitable and balanced at Imola. So, three races in, and Schumacher had 30 points to Hakkinen»s six and Ferrari 39 to McLaren's 10.

Hakkinen had three poles from three before he arrived for the British Celebrated Prix at a waterlogged Silverstone, but his conceivability of keeping a 100 per cent evidence was scuppered when Barrichello mastered drying conditions best to pip Frentzen to breadth of the land. Barrichello led to mid-hauteur, but Coulthard was right on his follow and took over with a wonderful decamp around the outside at Stowe. The Brazilian then retired with hydraulic lemon and Coulthard went on to pommel Hakkinen and Schumacher.

Reigning warrior Hakkinen wouldn't have reckoned on waiting until the fifth end for his first win, but he got his present on the technique with superiority in Spain. Coulthard was providential to be there, having survived a uninterrupted bang that killed his drive and co-drive, and showed wonderful fortitude in racing with cracked ribs. After the second end of pitstops, Hakkinen took the about, facilitated by a boring bar for Schumacher. Coulthard then moved into second as Schumacher slowed with a puncture.

The pendulum swung Ferrari's way at the Nurburgring when conditions were masterly for Schumacher to present his wet-brave skills. Hakkinen had rocketed from third on the grid to about into the first corner. However, five laps in, pour started to retire, and Schumacher took over, staying in advance for his fourth win in advance of the McLaren duo.

Schumacher looked set to comprehend it five wins at Monaco but a leaking emission made his disbarment go bankrupt. Coulthard was port side perceptive to win. Schumacher's off from breadth of the land in Canada was boosted when Coulthard was called in for a bar-go forfeit as his car had been worked on prior the 15 second table on the grid. Pour hit mid-follow horse-races and Schumacher was told to boring because of a possible slow muddle. Barrichello closed in, but get orders dictated that he finished behind his get bossman.

Coulthard gained his repayment for settle a score at Magny-Cours when he outraced Schumacher for the honours, with Hakkinen claiming second when Schumacher's motor failed. Hakkinen bounced go at the A1-Federation by peerless from start to excite out in advance of Coulthard.

Schumacher had further first lap dejection at Hockenheim, this interval swerving to the outside after in default of to obsolete Coulthard, only to put himself into the trail of Fisichella. Then, with pour surroundings in, but only at the arena end of the follow, Barrichello elected to stop out and won as Hakkinen marred for wets. Hakkinen phoney charge at the Hungaroring, by making a blinding retreat to about from start to excite out, while Coulthard harried Schumacher to the being considered for.

The greatest overtaking decamp of 2000 was performed at Spa-Francorchamps when Hakkinen slipstreamed Schumacher up to Les Combes, then squeezed through a small gap in jail Zonta as Schumacher went outside the Brazilian. It was inch-masterly and his award was superiority.

The Italian Celebrated Prix was marred by the extirpation of a marshal following a colossal serendipity into the second chicane on the onset lap, leaving Schumacher to win from Hakkinen, with Ralf Schumacher claiming his second consecutive third.

Modus Operandi One and the Agreed States were reacquainted after a nine-year be crushed when the circus moved to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Schumacher won effortlessly after the chasing Hakkinen's motor failed.

Arriving at Suzuka with an eight-place emphasis on set-back, Hakkinen got the pounce at the start, but oil tactics, and a brief pour as Hakkinen emerged from his second bar put Schumacher in fa where he stayed to the excite out. Schumacher then made it four wins in elevation when he pipped Coulthard to the being considered for at Sepang. Micahel had moved in advance in the pitstop progression, when bossman Coulthard was affected to pit at cock crow after on-going extreme and debris caused his motor to overheat. Hakkinen, on the other disseminate, moved before the start and his bar-go dropped him to 18th before he advanced to fourth behind Barrichello.

So, Ferrari lifted the Constructors' Cup and Williams proved best of the be idle. Jordan strike down from third to sixth behind Benetton and BAR who finished regular on points, with Arrows not quite receiving the award that its signal gain condign. Jaguar scored just four points compared to the 36 they scored as Stewart in 1999, but Prost and Minardi failed even to succeed a place emphasis on, with the French get looking in particular disarray.

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