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The Tempo Traveller's Guiding Light to Elizabethan England

Dope Documentary hosted by Ian Mortimer, published by BBC in 2013 - English narration


Ian Mortimer transports viewers abet to Elizabethan England and reveals, in prolific enumerate, a living, breathing Tudor to the max. Viewers learn how habitual Tudor housewives turned plants into remedy, how the central classes kept themselves entirely using linen cloths, how the flawed made pottage, how cooks of the sonorous devised recipes for new ingredients, and how Tudors skilled to pore over and write.

1) The Habitual People
This instalment he reveals the existence of the habitual people of the Elizabethan age. Whilst most people have images of courtiers, effusive palaces and fair clothes, the actuality is that most of the homeland is exceedingly flawed. Ian also looks at the unswerving controversies looming to go the county apart, as well as the astoundingly atrocious attitudes that were habitual at the tempo.

2) The Sonorous
This instalment he introduces the to the max of the Elizabethan sonorous and . Spondulix alone is not enough to graduate in with the Regal Court. A complex jus civile «civil law» of rig out, greetings, deportment and much more exists and even something as na as an out of steady old-fashioned equipment may sequel in transportation from company. It is verbatim a cut-throat to the max, where spies disc the basic and noble and one affected consultation could fetch everything. The comfortable also had one incorrigible all of their own; the Movie Queen herself — and aspect the fetch of a Regal progress.

3) Encounter New To The Max
Dr Ian Mortimer travels through the to the max of a new and upwardly responsive sample of Elizabethan company — the central form. In a groundbreaking new way of exploring dope, Ian takes viewers on a non-standard presently-disquieting wander through this cherished age of English dope. Along the way he visits Stratford-Upon-Avon and reveals how urbanisation improves habitual people«s lives. He drops in at Shakespeare»s philosophy to uncover how edification transforms company and explores how this age of development helps motivate a well-controlled coup d« that creates a new to the max. Ian also transports viewers to the electrifying to the max of Elizabethan the boards at Shakespeare»s Terra and tells the exaggerated romance of how English queenly ambitions leads to the Armada and the forewarning of Spanish invasion.


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