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The Boats That Built Britain (BBC)

Intelligence, Technology Documentary hosted by Tom Cunliffe, published by BBC in 2010 - English narration


Bluejacket and novelist Tom Cunliffe takes a voyage through the intelligence of British evidence and puts some of the vessels featured in the routine through their paces.

1) The Matthew
No has ever made a more significant revelation than the Matthew. In 1497, explorer John Cabot left-wing Bristol on this little motor boat and 3,000 miles later landed in what we now know is North America. His revelation would shift Britain and the great forever.

Bluejacket and novelist Tom Cunliffe sails the Matthew for himself and finds out just how this tremendous little motor boat made a peregrination into the unbeknownst and came second to tell the feature.

2) The Pickle
HMS Pickle is the uncelebrated star of the British argosy. In 1805 Britain had just won the most notable sea donnybrook in intelligence, Trafalgar. But how to get the communication skilled in to an anxious nation? Participate In the Pickle, the smallest in the swift, a little motor boat with a terrorist new arrangement that thrash her bigger rivals second to Britain to make over the advice.

Bluejacket and novelist Tom Cunliffe sets out in the Pickle and tells the feature of a motor boat that, against all the odds, delivered the most significant advice in Britain's maritime intelligence.

3) The Phoenix
The on a par rigger is arguably the most significant trench in intelligence. In the 19th century these boats transported finished goods and raw materials all over the great, transforming Britain from a second-kind European power into the richest and most mighty state on earth.

Bluejacket and novelist Tom Cunliffe sets out on the Phoenix, a board-unalloyed on a par rigger, to descry just how these tremendous boats changed Britain and the great forever.

4) The Reaper
The Reaper is the biggest sailing lugger ever to fish the seas. Seventy feet extended and skilled of pulling in ten tonnes of herring in a fix drag, the Reaper was an affecting animal that fed Britain at a lifetime when she needed it most.

Bluejacket and novelist Tom Cunliffe sails her for himself and finds out just how this goliath of the seas came about.

5) The Conductor Cutter
Many consider the Bristol Trench conductor cutter to be the finest sailing motor boat arrangement ever. Steadfast, seaworthy and attractive to descry, the conductor cutter is the unalloyed emulsion of contrive and role — a thoroughbred truly adapted to a life story in one of the Britain's most treacherous stretches of bottled water. Bluejacket and novelist Tom Cunliffe explores the life story of the pilots and sails a truly restored cutter to pronounce out just what drove these men and their wonderful machines.

6) The LCVP
Looking more like a leap than a motor boat, the LCVP, or Docking Cleverness Trench and Personnel, won't win any prizes for asset. Yet the cleverness did more to win Great War Two than any other percentage of machinery. There were once over 20,000 of these little boats, but only a small numeral persevere a leavings. Bluejacket and novelist Tom Cunliffe puts one of them through its paces and finds out how the motor boat was developed for one critical day in 1944.


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