The Narrative of Korra - 111-112 - Skeletons in the Closet, Endgame {C_P}.avi

The Narrative of Korra — 111-112 - Skeletons in the Closet, Endgame {C_P}.avi


Fetching group 70 years after the events of «Avatar: The Last Airbender,» this curriculum vitae follows the adventures of the Avatar after Aang — a enthusiastic,
recalcitrant, and intrepid teenage lass from the Southern Be Inconsistent Class named Korra. With three of the four elements under her zone (Terra, Be Inconsistent, and ),
Korra seeks to the absolute basics, Air. Her track down leads her to the epicenter of the contemporary «Avatar» exactly, Republic Municipality — a municipality that is
fueled by steampunk technology. It is a essential melting pot where benders and non-benders from all nations viable and succeed. However, Korra discovers that
Republic Municipality is plagued by misdeed as well as a growing anti-bending mutiny that threatens to rip it apart. Under the tutelage of Aang's son, Tenzin,
Korra begins her airbending training while dealing with the dangers at large



Volume One: Air (2012)

11 11 «Skeletons in the Closet» Joaquim Dos Santos & Ki Hyun Ryu Michael Dante DiMartino & Bryan Konietzko June 23, 2012 (2012-06-23) 111 6.12

Korra and the join against are in a hobo municipality with Gommu. Korra and Mako have come rough from doing recce. Asami is starting to get suspicious of all
of the pass that Mako and Korra have been spending together. Overall Iroh's convoy of ships are attacked by Equalist airplanes. An impetuous affray ensues,
but Iroh gets knocked off the passenger liner. Only to be saved by Korra. She takes him rough to the hideout where he they send little talk to Overall Bumi
(Aang and Katara's other son and one of the Concerted Forces generals) to redirect the enforcements to an archipelago. Iroh then proceeds to tell the join against that
they should do a moonlight flit and hold on for Bumi. Korra refuses, saying she is impervious tired of meet, Mako joins her. Iroh, Asami, Bolin, Naga, and Pabu check out for the archipelago.

While Korra and Mako impersonate Chi Blockers and go to Air Sanctuary Archipelago. Where Amon's second-in-order tells them that they are not allowed on the
archipelago and should go to the get better in the Pro-Bending Arena. Korra shows Mako another way into the Sanctuary, where they aim to squirrel away in the attic and ambuscade Amon.

When they reach there they are surprised to see Tarlok imprisoned in the attic. They talk to him and truly learn who Amon is, Tarlok's confrere.

He then proceeds to tell them the curriculum vitae of the two of them. Yakone, (their pater, last seen in «Out of the Past») after escaping had great surgery to
change his arrival. He moved to the Be Inconsistent Class and married a meticulous spouse. They had two children, Tarlok and Noatak (Amon). He tells them that Yakone,
sans bending, taught them to be inconsistent curvature, and blood curvature, in hopes of turning them into tools of repayment for settle a score against the Avatar whom he sees as the cause for
all his problems. Noatak took the bent for and turned into a boy genius, while Tarlok did not like the upbraid. When Yakone threatens to hit Tarlok,
Noatak steps in to put aside his confrere. Then Noatak tells Tarlok they should run away, Tarlok refuses and Noatak leaves without him. Yakone and Tarlok coming
idea Noatak is impervious. After Korra and Mako assent to this they recognize they at the end of the day have the leg up on Amon, they know he is a bender, the one quirk his
absolute finances scurvy hates. They aim to display him at the get better.

12 12 «Endgame» Joaquim Dos Santos & Ki Hyun Ryu Michael Dante DiMartino & Bryan Konietzko June 23, 2012 (2012-06-23) 112 6.45

The second vicinage of the one-hour ready finale. As Korra and Amon lineaments off, the wrangle in Republic Municipality comes to an end

Series remove distillate:
P.J. Byrne ... Bolin (1 affair, 2011-2012)
J.K. Simmons ... Tenzin (1 affair, 2011-2012)
Janet Varney ... Korra (1 affair, 2011-2012)
Dee Bradley Baker ... Naga (1 affair, 2012)
Alexander Martella ... Teenage Noatak (1 affair, 2012)
Eva Marie Saint ... Katara (1 affair, 2012)
Fred Tatasciore ... Earthbending Mobster (1 affair, 2012)
Michael Yurchak ... Waterbender Mobster AKA Viper (1 affair, 2012)


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The Narrative of Korra — 111-112 - Skeletons in the Closet, Endgame {C_P}.avi




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