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The Last Days Of...

Portrayal Documentary hosted by Toby Jones, published by Approach 5 in 2015 - English narration


The Last Days Of...
Portrayal is peppered with men and women who changed the smashing, only to become more debatable in ruin than they were in biography. ʻThe Last Days of...ʼ examines six giants of portrayal who suffered bloody and hard-hearted deaths, retelling their stories, which are loaded with unexpected twists and turns.

Each role features a panel of writers, thinkers and historians who set about exploring the d and legacy of these characters. This is portrayal as it should be — compelling, showy and enthusiastically contested. It makes us query everything we cogitation we knew about the lives and deaths of the heroes and villains who have shaped our smashing.

1) Mary Monarch of Scots
John Guy, Kate Williams and Robert Hutchinson are among those debating the legacy of one of Britain«s most funereal monarchs as they vet whether Mary, Monarch of Scots, was a sap of her cousin Elizabeth I»s treachery or the framer of her own rubbing out. They look at her demand to the English throne and the events that led to Mary being kept under family interrupt for nearly 20 years before she was executed in 1587.

2) Rasputin
Helen Rappaport and Dominic Lieven are among the writers, thinkers and historians exploring the d and legacy of Grigori Rasputin. The Siberian oaf and belief healer rose from fog to become an consultant to Tsar Nicholas II and his people, before being assassinated in December 1916, and the contributors vet whether he was motivated by sex addiction or was a sibyl who only wanted the best for Russia.

3) Charles 1
Litt and actor Grade Gatiss, scholastic Hannah Dawson and vulnerable rights barrister Geoffrey Robertson are among those giving their views on the biography and ruin of Charles I, who ruled England, Scotland and Ireland for more than 20 years in the 17th century. The regent was put on hassle for treason in January 1649 in an unprecedented shot at to try the practice of the totalitarianism as well as Charles himself, who was create reprehensible of treason and executed.

4) Jesus Christ
Was Jesus crucified because it was ordained, or because he was a damoclean sword to Roman rule? Retired Anglican bishop Tom Wright and litt Naomi Alderman are among the authors and historians considering the testify and sacrifice their interpretations of the man behind one of history's most sturdy stories.

5) Guy Fawkes
Was the Gunpowder Figure of 1605 a spectacular act of rebelliousness, or a enthusiastic act of terrorism? Retelling the last days in the biography of Guy Fawkes, token-extremism crack Haras Rafiq, Alice Hogge and Ronald Hutton scram the for fear of the fact for and against the man whose actions extend to set the boondocks lit up every year over 400 years after his ruin.

6) Julias Caesar
More than 2,000 years after the consequence, the assassination of Roman oppressor Julius Caesar still fascinates like no other act of federal bloodthirstiness. Novelist Robert Harris, historian Neil Faulkner and classicist Maria Wyke are among the experts examining whether it was the necessary implementation of a bully who would cut out at nothing in his going of power, or a scared murder.


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