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The Place Mount

Story Documentary hosted by Andrew Killawee, published by Dream TV in 2011 - English narration


The Mount relives the story of the most weighty precise instal in the just ecstatic: exploring the mysteries of the events that occurred there, revealing new communication about the locations of the first two Temples, exploring the going round buildings on the instal and uncovering secrets esoteric in the jar. A horrible exploration during filming questions whether Herod could actually have built the second place at all.

The Place Mount explains the spat, the stratagem, the prediction, and looking into the every now to come, it examines why many believe a questionable Third Place could beguile to the end of the just ecstatic as we know it.

1) Solomons Late Place
It is one of religion«s most hieratic legacies — Solomon»s Late Place — built from elderly blueprints — revealed by the disposal of god. Destroyed by a toxic blockade 5 centuries after its construction, no token of Israel«s holiest shrine remains. Did Solomon»s Place exist? Now, Godly Property archaeologists vestige the follow of the place, uncovering the questionable timelines of Israel's founding fathers — Majesty David and his son, Solomon the builder.

2) Treasures of the Place
For the first century just ecstatic, it was considered the world's most pleasant systematize. Its devastation set the put on for 2000 hysterical years of Jewish story. Today the place mount remains at the center of spat and a new exploration made during filming, could blatant a new debate.

3) The Every Now To Come of the Place
The third Place is based on the vatic dream of Ezekiel. Christian apocalyptic texts style the re-edifice of the place as key to the second coming of Christ — and the possible end of every now. On the world«s most toxic and hieratic excuse sediment, we track a underlying assort called «Temple Mount Faithful» and their big cheese Gershon Solomon, as they undertaking an forbidden ascent of Jerusalem»s Place Mount for the carnival of Hanukah. Their end is the construction of Ezekiel«s prophesied third Place in our lifetime — an fight Christians say will predict the second coming of Christ; an fight Muslims say will beguile to Extensive Godly War. Solomon»s before-mentioned attempts ended in killing. Now they inaugurate another undertaking. It's a walk towards the Apocalypse.


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