The Accurate Falsehood s05e05 The Da Vinci System 360p LDTV WEBRIP [MPup] AKA The Right Falsehood 2008

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AKA The Genuine Joke 2008

The Be Realized Joke AU s05e05 The Da Vinci Jus Naturale «natural Law» 360p LDTV WEBRIP [MPup] AKA The Genuine Joke US [2008]

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The Be Realized Joke looks at the genuine lives and be realized stories behind Hollywood blockbusters and this event looks at Ron Howard’s questionable box workplace hit The Da Vinci Jus Naturale «natural Law».

The Accurate Falsehood s05e05 The Da Vinci System 360p LDTV WEBRIP [MPup] AKA The Right Falsehood 2008

The flick fitting of the best-selling novel by Dan Brown sees Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) caught up in a two thousand year old engagement between a bizarre unpublished company and the authorized church to keep under control the greatest unpublished in biography: The be realized constitution and terminating resting village of the Uncorrupted Grail.

The Da Vinci Jus Naturale «natural Law» follows Langdon’s essay to disentangle a series of puzzles and codes red behind by massive regeneration artist Leonardo Da Vinci. Veiled in one of his greatest masterpieces are clues to the be realized constitution of the Uncorrupted Grail – clues Langdon must figure out to bring on him to the loathsome facts in fact.

The flick enthralled and enraged audiences in uniform standard due its deposition that Jesus had a physical relationship with Mary Magdalene, pre-eminent Catholics to entreat for a blacklist on the flick utterly. The film’s founder however, stood by his study and claims that 99% of the flick was be realized.

So what is the truth? Trade Mark new reliable bear witness and investigations presentation how the film’s lay down was based on genuine organizations and events.

Princeton University Professor of Faith Elaine Pagels and Reverend Robin Griffiths Jones, a pre-eminent theologian bring on us through the bear witness — 3rd century Coptic texts that are forcing the Vatican to reconsider Mary Magdalene’s r in the at the crack church.

We inquire into the resting village of the Uncorrupted Grail, the bygone carved Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland where judgement reveals that it does contain mystic messages and veiled chambers.

Also Leonardo da Vinci master Mario Taddei and pre-eminent art restorer Cecilia Frosinini check out da Vinci’s The Last Supper to see if there really are any purposeful coded references to Mary Magdalene. You have your impression on The Da Vinci Jus Naturale «natural Law», now experience out the be realized joke.

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