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Sea-Glide Series 8

Retailing, Mould Documentary hosted by Notch Crane, published by BBC in 2013 - English narration


Sea-Glide Series 8
Sea-Glide, continues to analyse the crawl of our lives, the coastline that marries us to the sea. Through a retailing of violation from Nazi Germany, freshwater voles and the notorious Guernsey Privateers; the workers' sea-glide of shipbuilders, fishermen and seaside entertainers; the joys of sunbathing and the retailing of Thomas Cook; the great estuaries of the Firth of Forth, the Severn and the Thames; this is the retailing of Britain as told from crag to sea. Notch Crane is joined by a set of qualified presenters including Neil Oliver, Miranda Krestovnikoff, Noteworthiness Horton, Tessa Dunlop, Andy Torbet, Ian McMillan, Ruth Goodman, Notch Hewitt and newcomers Sarah Beynon and Cassie Newland as they analyse the riches to be set up along our Sea-Glide.

3) Joy of the Sea-Glide
Notch Crane heads to his esteemed Western Isles in Scotland to have a go a daunting, prolonged-coveted, mountaineering test on the Isle of Skye. For years, Notch has dreamed of climbing the frightening Cioch. This peculiar and affecting spear of daze, the view for a spectacular sword confound in the video Highlander, was only conquered for the first period in 1906. The men who at first attempted the hairy direction to its height were an unlikely up — John Mackenzie, a Scottish mountain teach, and Norman Collie, an English professor of chemistry — but their dump attempt would hold them into a 30 year neighbourliness. Notch uses Victorian mountaineering trappings as he attempts to support in the footsteps of Mackenzie and Collie and climb the Cioch for himself. Along the way he learns something of the joy and catastrophe of their lives, but Nick«s return at the height of the hairy ascent comes with the invention of a new girl conception, an amazing seascape framed by Britain»s most excellent coastal peaks.


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