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Discovery the Fallen

War Documentary hosted by Julian Richings, published by Invention Waterway in 2005 - English narration



At the end of the Profound War, nearly two million soldiers were missing, presumed insensate. Almost 90 years later, the bloody battlegrounds of France and Belgium are surrendering their secrets. Below the farmlands lie the unrevealed and the unclaimed insensate... This series follows the dedicated crew of archaeologists, forensic experts and historians known as No Man's Touch as they be after to distinguish, regain and sort out the fallen of the Profound War. Each chapter in this executed five-off Invention Waterway series focuses in gripping respect on one archaeological dig at the plat of a set aside substantial combat of the Profound War.

From the Belgian municipality of Ypres — where the crew stumble upon proof of the very first trenches of the war — to the scandalous German bulwark at Serre in Northern France, unify the fascinating search using the latest battlefield archaeology and forensic techniques to regain and cinch together the oneness of those misspent in the maelstrom of a wish ago war. Other battlefields visited are Loos, the plat of a hellish in france maquis combat in 1915, Beaumont Hamel on the Somme and Passchendaele, where in 1917 the battlefield was transformed into a gigantic sea of shining mud that swallowed up so many lives... A crew of archaeologists, historians and forensic experts is working to sort out unrevealed soldiers and lastly lay them to take a nap. Discovery The Fallen is a documentary series that follows the exertion of this crew as they relocation through circumstance and across the battlefields of France and Belgium, releasing the fallen and their stories of bravery and surrender from the mud of the First Existence War battles in which they fought and died.

1) Ypres 1914 -The First Trench
Below the farmland of Northern Belgium lie graveyards, the end resting order of the fallen of the First Existence War. At Ypres, our crew up the existence, a shovelful at a circumstance, to mummify conserves the memories of the shattered lives that ended here. They stumble upon proof of the first trenches of The Profound War-absolute scrapes of soil that would evolve into complex lines of trenches that if placed in a set aside make would enclose the Soil. In the development they uncover the weakness for remains of three German soldiers from the 213 On Tap Control, who fought and died here. Retracing on foot and by chain the very steps these soldiers took in the Autumn of 1914, members of the crew uncover a execute of civilians in a little Belgian municipality.

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