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The Zoo Series 3 (Dublin)

Mould Documentary hosted by Tom Dunne, published by RTE in 2012 - English narration


The Zoo Series 3 (Dublin)
There«s tumult, station play and heaps of brute adventures in this trade mark new series featuring all of your girl zookeepers and animals! There»s been a pamper explosion in Dublin Zoo and over the course of series you«ll be introduced to new born pamper gorillas, hippos, red pandas, mangabey monkeys and many others. You»ll also bump into rendezvous with a whole troop of new animals, from pigmy marmosets to tarantulas and gila monsters, and clasp up with some of your old favourites, including Dublin Zoo's troop of gorillas who are getting timely to set foot in their new rainforest domain for the very first experience.

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Garth has a comate struggle with one of the Reptile House's creepier inhabitants, the Chilean Rose Tarantula and the deathly spider demonstrates its awe-inspiring hunting techniques on an unknowing locust. When a pamper caucasian crowned mangabey is rejected by its innocent genesis, the keepers adjudicate to boost in and take heedfulness of the little one until it can be reintroduced to the balance of its troop. In this adventure, troupe the man Helen takes the little one to convenient heighten it herself. The new Gorilla Rainforest is lastly timely for its new inhabitants. Horticulturalist Stephen introduces us to the many plants and flowers he has sown to engender the right setting for the gorillas, while Ciaran and his troupe arrange the gorilla household for the biggest split for of their existence.

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The big day has lastly arrived and Dublin Zoo«s gorilla household are working in to their new rainforest . But how will they take to their new habitat? We grasp them as they take their very few steps into unexplored land. After several weeks of heedfulness and motherly concentration, the little caucasian crowned mangabey is timely to upon the reintroduction deal with so she can rejoin the balance of the mangabey troop on their eyot . There»s a pamper explosion in Household Smallholding! Troupe The Man Eddie introduces some of its newest inhabitants, from rabbits and goats to pleasing double new born lambs.

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One of the zookeepers notices that some of the red-ruff lemurs appear to be losing clumps of tresses. Gerry calls in the vet to winnow the bewildering tresses wasting, but first the keepers will have to around up these pleasing tree-abode creatures. Hippos Henry and Hoovie have lived together for many years in Dublin Zoo, but the experience has come for Hoovie to split for on and learn a different ally. It's a sad experience for Henry, until he meets his new enchiridion that is. We take heed of them as liking blossoms and the keepers curmudgeonly their fingers and make for the greatest word of all, a pamper hippo. When a new congregation of female meerkats show up from Belfast and a unfledged manly from Wales, troupe the man Eddie and his troupe are grieve to see the new congregation will get on together. He introduces us to these fascinating creatures as they take their first steps into their new domain.

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A new female red panda moves to Dublin Zoo, so it«s an stirring experience for Dublin Zoo»s unfrequented manly. When the big day arrives he looks a little shy and more than a little cautious of his new consort, but will his snooping get the better of him? The importantly anticipated hippo calf is lastly timely to be born in Dublin Zoo. But it«s a shady setup for the keepers. These brobdingnagian semi-aquatic mammals like to do everything in the inundate, including giving creation. Sandy the giraffe is getting timely for an grave take a trip. She is a girl of troupe the man Helen and has a big stead in zoo guard John»s pump after convenient-raising her himself, so it's a virulent-lovely composite of emotions as they set out with her to Belfast to bid cong to their old friend.

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After her take a trip from Dublin Zoo, Sandy the giraffe is timely to bump into rendezvous with her new crowd. It's her first experience being usually of a crowd where she might have a concealed ally. But how will the Belfast giraffes take to the new arrival?
The hippo calf is growing immovable and spending lots of experience in the syndicate with its very defensive genesis. Troupe the man Helen and her troupe are keeping a end eye on her all the same, but so far so honourable. After a famous introduction, zookeeper Susan is thrilled to learn a extend to of pigmy furry heads poking out of the red panda den, but it doesn«t take the red panda babies prolonged to get over their opening shyness and they»re soon getting up to all kinds of target tricks. Gorilla Mayani is due to leak creation at any two seconds. It's her first pregnancy and, because she was a convenient-raised gorilla, the keepers are a little disquieted she may not have all the skills she needs to heighten her unfledged. Whatever happens, James, Helen and the other keepers are timely to boost in and help at any two seconds.

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At the African Plains the troupe in Dublin Zoo have been keeping a end eye on Hailey the giraffe, one of the older females in the crowd. It«s been a prolonged 15 month pregnancy, but the zookeepers are propitious they»ll soon have a pleasing new calf joining the crowd. Dublin Zoo«s assemble of Chilean flamingos are thriving and it»s been growing steadily for many years. With some of the birds over 30 years old, it«s grave that Eddie and his troupe in the East slice are able to keep ferret out of all the assemble and observe their form, but first the shady part; rounding them all up. Pygmy marmosets are one of the smallest primates in the exceptional, and it»s always an stirring opportunity when these pigmy South American tree dwellers leak creation. Normally they leak creation to two youngster at a experience, but when a third is born the smallest marmoset was pink to take heedfulness of itself. Luckily Susan and the zookeepers are on convenient to heighten the little target themselves.

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A new manly snow leopard arrives in Dublin Zoo to extend to Ciara the female leopard. Introductions like these can be shady, but Ciaran and his troupe are propitious that the twins will get on well. If everything goes to arrange, there could be a creation that will be tremendously grave for the coming of this pleasing but critically threatened species. The little caucasian crowned mangabey has been doing well under Helen«s watchful eye, and she»s started the unpunctual deal with of being introduced to the balance of the congregation, but how is the balance of the troop winning to her? Ciaran from the Irish Wildlife Make introduces Garth to the peaceful newt, one of Ireland's few species of amphibian. The two brute lovers take a take a trip into the countryside to scrutinize its inherent domain and see if they can learn the elusory newts.

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This week in the Reptile Enterprise Garth introduces the gila monsters. It«s the start of the raising spice and at this experience of year these importantly envenomed lizards can get a little tempestuous with each other. Garth tends to their wounds and introduces us to these fascinating creatures. Susan is thrilled to lay eyes on that Angelina the red panda has successfully given creation to two captivating cubs and is warming at once to her new r as defensive genesis to the two furry infants. There»s a lot of occupation event on the macaque eyot, and it«s now to a army of roguish unfledged monkeys. To keep an eye on their form and well-being, it»s grave that Dublin Zoo operate some lucid form checks, but first keepers Ciaran and Yvonne are going to around them all up. Honey, a rare Indian disastrous buck antelope, is meaningful. Zookeeper Alice is watching her bourgeoning very carefully and, if all goes well, Dublin Zoo is hoping the new passenger will quota the Kaziranga Forest Flourish Faint at Dublin Zoo with the crowd of elephants that complete there, just as they quota a domain in the wild.

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The pigmy pygmy marmoset pamper has been doing well under Susan«s watchful eye, but it»s still at a fine station in its incident and requires around the clock heedfulness. We extend to Susan in her as she gives the little primate a unendingly pasturage. Kasi the caucasian-crowned mangabey has been growing bigger and stronger by the day and has even made some new friends amongst her troop. With things going so well, Helen feels the little target is almost timely for her utmost reintroduction. Brendan the zookeeper takes his liking of gorillas to the entr and goes in search of gorillas in the rainforests of Africa. He keeps a video chronicle from the pump of a Ugandan forest where he is preparing for the most sensational struggle of his existence, converging gorillas in the wild... Eddie and his troupe have their hands utmost on Household Smallholding when Dublin Zoo«s Tamworth pig gives creation to a strew of 9 piglets. There»s honourable word on the African Plains too as Helen and John are thrilled to lay eyes on a strew of Red River Hogs have been born overnight.

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Zookeeper Brendan fulfils a lifelong dream when he encounters a pack of Mountain Gorillas on his take a trip into the pump of Bwindi Impenetrable Inhabitant Garden in Uganda. After months of convenient rearing Helen and the other keepers has become very end to Kasi the pamper mangabey and she has gone from tenacity to tenacity under their heedfulness. Lastly, the big day has arrived and it«s experience for the mangabey and her keepers to usually ways. We extend to the little target as she prepares to be rejoining the balance of her troop on Mangabey Eyot for the first experience. There»s celebrated tumult in the West slice where Ciaran and Gerry are keeping a end eye on Dublin Zoo«s snow leopard twins. Mating spice has just begun for these pleasing but critically threatened cats, and it»s so far so honourable as they seem to be showing a lot of enlist in each other. Red panda babies flourish up immovable as their guard Susan knows only too well. The two youngsters are already proving quite the bother and are becoming more snooping and roguish by the day. Susan visits them in their domain to leak them a corroboration-up and see how they are getting on.

11) Christmas Celebratory
Included is this hour prolonged Christmas Celebratory, featuring all your girl animals and keepers coping with a snow fated zoo over the Christmas holidays.


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