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How It's Made Gleaning 1

Technology Documentary hosted by Purpose Tewksbury and June Wallack and Tony Hirst, published by Origination Direct in 2007 - English narration


How It's Made Gleaning 1
Each day we use hundreds of products throughout our routines, never stopping to think about where those products come from and how they were manufactured. How It«s Made shows you the heinous behind the uncommon in the path-by-path processes of construction, crafting and creating our most simple products. From hearing aids to holograms, snowboards to solar panels and mistaken teeth to fireworks, you»ll learn the day-to-day behind the plan of action of producing 200 of your girl things!

1) Disc One
Involvement 1 aluminum film, snowboards, speak to lenses and bread
Involvement 2 thick discs, mozzarella cheese, pantyhose and fluorescent tubes
Involvement 3 toothpicks, acrylic bathtubs, helicopters and beer
Involvement 4 hearing aids, 3-D puzzles, rubber mats and toilets
Involvement 5 reproduction sheet a documents, jeans, computers and cut glass
Involvement 6 nails and staples, cover glasses, fabrics and bicycles
Involvement 7 kayaks, cover boots, electronic signs and cereals
Involvement 8 trucks, adhesive bandages, computer margin boards and liquors
Involvement 9 dagger, apple essence, aircraft wharf fixtures and cosmetics

2) Disc Two
Involvement 10 holograms, case printing, decorticate cultures and canned corn
Involvement 11 supple bags, solar panels, supple gasoline containers and hockey sticks
Involvement 12 aluminum fleece a raise caps, chocolate, pills and pasta
Involvement 13 bicycle helmets, lithium batteries, car brakes and aluminum
Involvement 14 goat silk, eyeglass lenses, granite, potato chips and microprocessors
Involvement 15 honey, character-optics, bricks and volunteer organs
Involvement 16 individual watercraft, wine, involvement household goods and ice skates
Involvement 17 winter jackets, , mushrooms and gold rings
Involvement 18 hydroponic lettuce, construction wood, recycling and fishing flies

3) Disc Three
Involvement 19 diamond cuttings, wood doors, paintballs and newspapers
Involvement 20 carpets, drinking cut, laser eye surgery and acoustic guitars
Involvement 21 fiberglass boats, clothes dryers, froth gum and fireworks
Involvement 22 dagger safes, mistaken teeth, airplanes and maple syrup
Involvement 23 gummies, aluminum cans, fish agriculture and bronze sculptures
Involvement 24 aluminum pots pans, simulated limbs, peanut butter & on a trip-ardour effulgent bulbs
Involvement 25 cars, grocery carts, fleet tooling and prototyping and collectible coins
Involvement 26 ball bearings, electrical wires, wax proceeding casting and automated machines


Specialized Specs

* Video Codec: x264 CABAC High@L3.0
* Video Bitrate: 1669 Kbps
* Video Exposure Relationship: 1.333 (4:3)
* Video Immutableness: 720 x 480
* Audio Codec: AAC LC
* Audio Bitrate: 160 Kbps AC3 48KHz
* Audio Channels: stereo (2/0)
* Audio: English
* Run-Space: Involvement 22mins
* Shape To status: 23fps
* Army of Parts: 26
* Involvement Proportions: typically: 250 MB
* Container: mp4
* Encoded by: Harry65
* Commencement: DVD


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