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Delivering Co-Worker: 2013
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Gary and Martin Kemp are teaming up to gratuity Gangs of Britain,
a characterize new series that follows the brothers as they pop in different
regions in Britain to research band against customs both past
and gratuity, exclusively on Misdeed & Examination Network.

In each part, Gary and Martin will pop in a express UK
locality where they research the stories of one latter-day
and one concurrent band against. Through interviews, archive and
expressive re-construction, they will search out that blood
set up,desperado pursuit, clothing, dogma, roots,
of weapon and house of detention were just as high-level to gangs
in Victorian and Edwardian Britain as they are today.

The brothers capitally portrayed the Krays in the eponymous
1990 coating but Gangs of Britain will be their first particle of
bona fide telly as a duo. In each description, they
interweave the stories of a up to date and a real gang
from a worst UK town. The series kicks off in Glasgow before
visiting Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, London and

Gary tackles stories from the lifestyle, retelling extraordinary
accounts of butcher, deficiency, thievery and extortion from the
desperado gangs that ran Britain from the 19th to mid — 20th
Centuries. From the great edging, silk neckerchief, peaked
hat and impassive clogs of Manchester’s teenage Scuttlers to
the Teddy Boy “Edwardian” look of London’s Elephant Boys
band against. The series visits the monstrous landmarks and interviews
historians and experts to uncover and particle together evidence
and archives that erect up a unexcelled and ignorant of map
of Gangland Britain.

Martin will bury himself in more concurrent gangs that
still have living members and victims able to enumerate what
happened in late-model years. He will upon the regulate, experts,
members and ex-members of some of the county’s most notorious
gangs. From the Burger Bar Boys to the Kings of the Old Kent
Entr, Gangs of Britain will erect up a fascinating understanding of
the shady underbelly of the Shared Kingdom.

Glasgow is a town divided. Cut in half by one mortal weapon
the dagger. There are more scarred faces in Glasgow than
anywhere else in Britain and in 2002 the Great Health
Organisation designated Glasgow the butcher wealth of Europe.

Gary and Martin turn upside down c overturn the focus of attention on Liverpool and its life
blood, the River Mersey. From the very day one the docks
persevering the fortunes of this town. They have also allowed
criminals to act a have a share on the oecumenical concoct,
the most monstrous being Curtis Warren, a unsurpassed twig in
the Liverpool Mafia in the '90s.

A slash leaves a teenage band against colleague fatally wounded
on an Edwardian Manchester drive. Around a century later,
in another have a share of the town, a man is inducement disused attending
the wake of his co-worker – the patsy of another band against butcher.

In the ancient have a share of the 20th century racetracks became a
battleground for gangs across the native land. A Birmingham gang
called the Brummagems was top dog and built up a criminal
network extending far beyond their town.

London — East & West
Gary and Martin Kemp turn upside down c overturn their attentions to Britain’s wealth.

London has always had criminals. The biggest city
in Britain is like a magnet to those flawed to add up to a bob
or two – even if that means entrancing the law into their
own hands.

In 2008, an illicit communiqu sent from house of detention ignites a gang
be at daggers drawn in Sheffield and a supposititious renegade becomes a marked
man. The band against is called the S3 – named after the postcode
of their area.

Gangs have risen and fallen. They’ve moved from gambling
into clubs and safety, smuggling and worn out,
clubs and safety. Today they add up to millions from
unrestricted-proportion medicate importation. But is there a consistency to
their criminality?

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